What do you mean by abrasions? Is it possible to cure abrasions naturally

Abrasions refer to the cuts over the top layer of the skin. The condition of abrasions is indicated by redness, rashes, pain, swelling and bleeding. Children more often suffer from abrasions as they are involved in physical activities such as playing, running and jumping. Even elders who are involved in outdoor sports activities also get abrasions. It occurs more commonly in warm weather. Since it is a minor medical condition therefore it can be cured by using some natural remedies.

Thyme- The tea prepared for thyme helps in curing abrasions efficiently. You can consume the tea for internal healing. You can even wash the affected body part with the help of herbal tea prepared from thyme. Take care that the tea must be just lukewarm- neither too hot nor too cold.

Lavender Oil– You can also apply few drops of Lavender oil on the affected area of body. It paces up the healing process. Cover the body part where lavender oil has been applied with the help of a bandage. It helps in prevention of dirt or hair from sticking to the affected area as well as avoids further infection on the abrasions.

Aloe Vera- It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and hence fights against the bacteria which may cause infection over the abrasions. You can extract oil from Aloe Vera plant. It gives a soothing effect to the affected area and helps in healing the cuts.

Vinegar- It acts as a great natural astringent and hence cleanses the wound caused by abrasions properly. It also accelerates the healing process. You can apply mixture of vinegar and warm water in the proportion of 1: 3 tablespoons as many times a day as required. It helps in keeping the wound clean as well as heals it.

Comfrey- You can also use comfrey to treat abrasions. It can be used in the form of ointment, cream or tea to get relief from pain caused due to abrasions.

Garlic– Since it is rich in antibiotics and hence kills the bacteria responsible for causing infection due to abrasions. You can apply garlic on the wound after cleaning it. Alternatively, you can pour garlic oil over a bandage and cover the cut with it.

Honey- It is rich in anti-bacterial properties as well as acts as a natural agent to speed up the healing process. You can spread honey over the wound to start healing process. Repeat it 2-3 times a day.

Tea Tree oil- It acts as a natural antiseptic to treat abrasions. You can apply tea tree oil over the wounds with the help of a cotton ball. It also speeds up the healing process.

Petroleum Jelly- You can apply petroleum jelly over the abrasions and protect it from dirt and bacteria. It will also prevent bandage from sticking to the cut.

Clove oil- It is rich in anti-septic properties and hence can be used to be applied over the abrasions.

Cinnamon- Similarly, cinnamon oil can be used to treat minor abrasions. In the beginning, you will feel a burning sensation but will get relief after sometime.

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