What leads to Abscessed Tooth

Abscessed ToothBeautiful teeth add much to the personality of any person. People with a set of attractive teeth are loved and appreciated by all but the unlucky ones with abscessed tooth face many problems. Abscessed teeth result in pocket or small holes near the teeth that give pain and create other difficulties for the concerned persons. They often suffer from pus that gets accumulated. Of not cleared properly, it turns into abscess that is much harmful for the patients. Certain major reasons of abscessed tooth are discussed as under.

Cavities – Also known as holes, this major reason of abscessed tooth are formed due to deterioration of the teeth. The acids caused due to plaque harm the teeth and get dissolved through the external walls of the teeth. As such, the cavities need to be filled with the help of a professional dentist so that the sufferer is relieved from further deterioration of his or her teeth. It is suggested that routine check up of the teeth is carried out at frequent intervals.

Gum Disease – As in the medical terms, this disease is also popular as Periodontal Disease that takes place due to the bacteria in the plaque that starts building up around the teeth and the gums. It is one type of infection in the tissues and the bones that in fact support the teeth. Gum disease may be minor wherein the patient will suffer from bleeding during brushing of the gums and the teeth. This can cause serious dental problems for the concerned persons who may suffer from total loss of their teeth. Hence, the disease must be stopped in the beginning so that nothing serious takes place.

Dryness of mouth – One of the major reasons of abscessed tooth is the dry mouth that leads to dental cavities or holes that lead to dental problems. Regular use of liquids and chewing of gum may help much in doing away with this problem. Doctor’s proper advice and medical treatment should also be followed in a proper manner.

Infection – Infection in the teeth may also lead to abscessed tooth that turn into greater problems at later stages. Hence, proper treatment by a qualified and experienced dentist is a must for the patients who suffer from abscessed tooth.

High pain and bad breath – People suffering from bad breath and high level of pain often suffer from abscessed tooth that must be looked into with great care. The swollen and red gums lead to dental problems in addition to the fever and headache etc.

Teeth decay – The prolonged deterioration of the patient’s teeth lead to total loss of the teeth. It must be checked in the beginning itself so that the concerned persons do not lose their whole set of teeth.

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