What are some common causes behind Adenoiditis

AdenoiditisAdenoiditis is an infection of the adenoids. The adenoids are the lymph tissues which are found in the pharynx. The pharynx is located at the back of the nasal area. The main function of adenoids is to aid human body in fighting against various types of infections caused by different agents in the body.  In other words, they provide complete protection to the throat. Adenoids work in association with tonsils to fight with infections. But sometimes inflammation or swelling occurs in these tissues and this condition is known as adenoiditis. There are multiple causes for adenoiditis.

Allergies- Some people and especially children are allergic to certain types of foods. When they consume these foods, it leads to soreness in their throat and in turn causes adenoiditis. Apart from this, allergens are present in air as well. When a person who is allergic breathes in this contaminated air, it leads to infections in throat and tonsils. When chief organs i.e. tonsils, which fight against germ infections get infected or inflamed it leads to the condition of adenoiditis automatically.

Bacterial or Viral Infections– Some type of bacteria is also responsible for infection in adenoiditis. And the most common bacteria in this regard are streptococcus.  Thereare some other bacteria as well which may cause adenoiditis. Apart from this, adenoiditis may be caused due to some viral infections as well. The virus known as Epstein-barr is mainly responsible for this. So if you suffer from runny or stuffed nose, fever or continuous headache, get yourself tested for bacterial or viral infections. It is because the condition may become worse and may lead to adenoiditis.

Respiratory Infection- It is main reason behind adenoiditis in children. Some type of respiratory infections such as common cold may also lead to adenoiditis. So these must be treated in starting stage itself to avoid further problems. It is because respiratory infections give rise to germ production and these germs lead to adenoiditis.

Tonsil Infections-Since tonsils have an important role to play in fighting against infections in the body, therefore any type of infections or inflammations in tonsils lead to adenoiditis directly. These infections include chronic tonsils, abscesses, and infections of the small pockets located inside the tonsils. Therefore, any infections in tonsils must be treated at first place.

Infections in Head, Neck and Throat- Although adenoids help body in fighting against the germs, but some types of infections in head, neck and throat may also lead to adenoiditis. It is because such infections cause nasal obstruction which in turn gives chance for germs to grow. Therefore, you must get any infections in these three areas treated immediately.

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