What are Age Spots? Which vitamins help in dealing with the problem of age spots

Age SpotsAge spots are the spots on the skin which are formed due to accumulation of pigment in the skin. These are mostly light brown to dark brown in color. These may be found on various parts of the body including face, arms, legs, feet and hands. Age spots are also known as liver spots. Mostly, the age spots are caused due to free radicals or some other factors such as smoking or excessive exposure to sunlight. Some of the vitamins are known to treat age spots successfully. So these must be included in our daily diet in the form of various foods.

Vitamin A– This vitamin is known to improve the appearance of the skin as well as make skin cells better. It can be consumed as well as applied to the skin so as to reduce the age spots. Vitamin A is found in numbers of food products such as milk, fruits, vegetables, eggs and fortified margarine. When Vitamin A is taken continuously for 30 days or more, you will notice a considerable reduction on the age spots.

Vitamin B Complex- It is a group of some vitamins which are required to keep various functions of the different parts of body in their normal condition. It helps in maintaining a healthy skin tone. Some of the foods which are rich in Vitamin B complex are peanuts, spinach, fishes, grains, eggs, citrus juices and green beans.

Vitamin C– It is a vitamin which is known to repair and prevent the age spots. It helps in enhancing the production of collagen and also makes skin less prone to damages and injuries caused by the sunlight. It also provides a glowing and radiant appearance to the skin. It helps in removing age spots on the skin by supporting antioxidants that are good for the skin as well as promotes overall health of the skin. Some of the foods which are good sources of Vitamin C include oranges, lemon and other citrus fruits.

Vitamin E– This vitamin can also be used in two ways i.e. consuming in the form of foods and applying externally to the skin. The main function of Vitamin E is to revitalize the skin and cleanse its pores. It also removes toxins from the blood thereby making the general health of skin better. When 5% of Vitamin E is applied instantaneously to the skin after coming back from the sun, it helps in keeping age spots under control. You can get Vitamin E from foods such as walnut, dry fruits, almonds and cashews.

Vitamin K– You can readily get Vitamin K from foods including Brussels, prunes, avocados, kale, broccoli, and sprouts. It is quite effective in treating age spots and providing a vibrant glow to the skin.

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