Few effective ways to treat blisters

blistersBlisters are swellings in the skin which are filled with clear liquid. These are mostly caused due to friction, rubbing of the skin or pressure faced by affected part for long time. The parts of body which are mostly prone to blisters are hands and feet. It is because these are used for repetitive movements including walking, running, operating machinery or some other tools or even common domestic works which require force. Due to occurrence of injury to the skin due to friction or pressure, a fluid starts accumulating amid the epidermis and the lower layers of the skin. The fluid present in blisters is the serum which is secreted by the tissues around the affected area. Although blisters are painful however these are not so serious. Therefore, these can be treated by some simple remedies at home.

Blister plasters- It is the most effective and easy treatment for blisters. Blister plasters help in treating as well as preventing the worsening of the condition of blisters. It is because these plasters absorb all the moisture which leads to building up of blisters and cause pain in them. It is due to moisture absorbing substance known as hydrocolloid in them. You just need to cover blisters with these plasters for 4-5 hours and then remove the same to see the results.

Not to pop the blister- It is perhaps the simplest and the best solution for blisters treatment. Never try to pop or explode blister of your own as it leads to infection.  The blister must be exposed to air as much as possible to help it to heal quickly. The reason being most of the blisters get healed of their own within few days.

Explode safely if required- In case, the pain caused due to blisters become intolerable, you can drain them out but by taking some precautionary measures. It will help in avoiding infection. Before draining out your liquid, you must wash your hands with soap and warm water. Apply rubbing alcohol on the needle using a cotton ball and then gently punch the blister with needle. You can apply little pressure to clear out the liquid. Clean the blister and the surrounding area completely with warm water and soap. Let it dry using a clean towel and apply antibiotic cream or balm to the blister. Then apply a loose bandage around the blister in such a way that it doesn’t touch the blister. It should be applied in such a way that it protects the blister.

Cold compression- You can get relief from the itching caused due to a blister when it is in healing stage by applying cold compression to it. It can be done by using a cold washcloth or soaking the affected area in cold water.

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