How to treat body itching with some effective home remedies?

body itchingWe more often come across the problem of body itching in everyday life. It may occur in some specific part of body or on different parts of body. The affected area becomes deeply red due to inflammation and constant scratching. There may be any reason behind itching. Some of the common causes of itching are insect bite, excessive sweat, dryness during winter season or reaction from some wrongly taken medicine. Apart from this, people who have problem in liver, heart or lung functions also suffer from the problem of itching. Some specific skin problems such as eczema and measles also cause itching. All in all itching is a painful and irritating body condition and demands instant relief. Some simple but effective home remedies can help to get relief from this irritating condition of body.

Mixture of lemon juice, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E- Equal quantities of these three mixed together prove to be quite useful to get instant relief from the problem of itching. You just need to apply this mixture on infected area and get soothing effects.

Linseed oil and lemon juice- A mixture of linseed oil and lemon juice in equal quantities applied on the skin is a great remedy to cure the condition of itchiness.

Using peppermint, vinegar, grain or cornstarch to bathe- You can also use peppermint, grain or cornstarch or vinegar extracted from apple and add the same to water and bathe with it. It helps in relieving pain caused due to itching. Similarly, oatmeal and baking soda helps in giving fast relief from the problem of itching.

Massage with fresh milk cream- In case, itching is caused due to dry skin, you can cure it by applying fresh milk cream and massaging the infected body part. It helps in moisturizing the dry skin thereby providing relief from itchiness.

Proper Diet- You must also pay attention to your diet to keep itching problem at an arm’s length. You should include green leafy vegetable, fresh fruits and foods rich in Vitamin B and E in your diet. Always avoid spicy and oily foods as these enhance the itching problem.

Consuming Aloe-Vera juice- Drinking a glass of fresh Aloe Vera juice empty stomach in the morning helps in keeping skin moisturized and thus preventing the problem of itching altogether.

Cold compression on affected body part- Taking bath with cold water or applying an ice pack on the affected body area also helps in relieving itching quickly. It is because the sensations of itching and cold pass through same neural passages in the body and hence help in giving a soothing effect to the sufferer.

Using Sandalwood or Neem oil or paste- You can also use sandalwood or neem oil or paste on the affected body part and get a cooling effect which automatically helps in reducing the sensation of itching. Neem can also be taken orally to get rid of such skin problems.

Using Chamomile or Calendula cream– As chamomile and calendula have anti-inflammatory properties so you can use cream made from these two to cure skin itching. Just apply the cream to the body part suffering from itching and get instant relief.

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