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boils on armsIt is often seen that many people suffer from boils on their faces, arms or other parts of their bodies that not only give shabby looks but also create great health problems. As such the boils must be checked in the beginning itself otherwise they cause serious complications. Many types of treatments may be adopted but the home remedies and natural treatments have become much popular throughout the world.

Signs of boils – We see people suffering from small hard red coloured lumps that are too painful and become softer and larger in sizes within the next few days. The top of the boils starts giving out pus that causes acute infection. Emergence of more boils near the original one is also quite common and the skin around the boils turns red, warm, painful, and hot and gets infected. The patient may suffer from fever and also his or her lymph nodes also get swollen.

Boil is one kind of infection in the skin that takes place in the oil gland, follicle or the hair. The places for the boils are commonly the buttocks, shoulders, armpits, neck or the face. When we see the boils on the eyelid it is known as sty. Serious types of boils are known as carbuncle, i.e. a group of several boils on any part of the body.

Major causes – Staphylococcal bacteria is the major cause of boils that penetrates the human physique through small cuts or nicks in the skin. This particular germ attacks the skin by travelling down the hair to the follicle. These are the solid reason of serious complications such as decrease in hygiene / nutrition, damaged immune system and irritation in the skin that is exposed to harsh chemicals.

Medical care – We should not ignore the boils that are the reasons of serious diseases. As such, we should contact the physicians if we suffer from fever because of the boils that also cause swollen lymph nodes. If we are attacked with intolerable pains or our skin around the boil gets red with sneaks thereon then also we must visit the doctor. Same is true with a group of boils appearing on the skin or if they do not drain. Many persons are challenged with diabetes, heart murmur, affected immune system or they use chemotherapy or corticosteroids – the immune suppressing drugs. They should also consult their physicians. Though, boils do not need any emergent visit to the doctors, yet the people with poor health and suffering from high chills or fever besides infection should go to the hospital for emergency treatment or consultation. Physical tests are conducted by the doctors to arrive at a decision about the effect of the boils resulting in skin infection etc. Blood tests are also performed with suggestions for antibiotics or culture for determining the bacteria types that are the major causes of infection.

Home Remedies / Natural Treatments – Regular cleaning of the infected area of the skin due to the boils are a must. The patients should do so twice or thrice a day till they are fully relieved of the boils. Use of antibiotic ointment and a bandage after washing the affected area should also be ensured.

The boil should be soaked in warm water and warm compresses should be applied. The pain will come down by doing so and pus will also start coming to the surface. The boil starts bursting when it comes to a head and repeated soakings are suggested in such conditions. Warm compress can be prepared by soaking a wash cloth by dipping it in warm water. The excess moisture can be eliminated by squeezing it out. The affected area of the skin due to the boils must be washed with antibacterial soap till the pus is drawn out after the boil starts draining. The portion must be rubbed with alcohol. Use of medicated ointment and a bandage is suggested. The infected area should be washed twice or thrice on daily basis by using warm compresses till the patient is relieved from the wounds. Never try to pop the boil with needles as it would worsen the infection.

Boils could be prevented from affecting the family by washing the towels, bedding and clothes of the persons already infected with boils. Minor skin wounds should be treated and cleaned properly. Human physique must be protected from any damaging elements. Simple home treatments help the patients to get rid of the boils in an even manner.

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