How to know that you are suffering from bone tumor? Are there some visible symptoms

Bone tumor is a condition of bones under which abnormal growths known as neoplastic growth are found in the tissues of bones. These growths may be benign also known as noncancerous or malignant also known as cancerous. Although there are multiple symptoms of bone tumor but the most prominent among them is pain. Here are some other notable symptoms of bone tumor.

Pain in bones– It is the most common symptom of bone tumor. The pain is mostly deep and dull and is experienced in the legs, pelvis, back, arms or ribs. The pain may last from weeks to months to years according to the type of tumor. The pain is felt mostly at night or while performing some physical activities with the affected area of bones. The pain in bones usually starts as a gentle feeling in the region of body which has suffered from tumor and slowly takes the form of continuous pain.

Lack of sensation or feeling in the extremities– Sometimes, the patients suffering from bone tumor experience lack of sensation or feeling in the extremities. This condition is also known as numbness. It is due to compression of nearby nerves which produces a tickly, pain and lack of sensation in the extremities. It may also lead to inactivity of limbs due to obstruction of normal flow of blood to the extremities. It is due to compression of the nearby blood vessels.

Visible Lump- Other symptom of bone tumor include redness, swelling or a notable lump or mass of cells over the bones or the tissues surrounding the affected bone. The patients may also suffer from difficulty in movement of joints in case the affected bone is close to a joint. Even normal movements of body parts also lead to feeling of pain in patients suffering from bone tumor.

Weak Bones– The patients who suffer from bone tumor experience weakness in their bones in due course of time. It may even lead to breaking of bones even when they have to undergo insignificant fall, injury or when performing minor activities such as standing on the bone suffering from tumor for a short while. The bones suffer breakage mostly in the areas which have undergone extended times of pain or swelling. It is possible in both types of tumors malignant and benign.

Other Possible Symptoms– In addition to this, the patients also suffer from some other symptoms which may be notable in some patients and may be absent in some others. These include unexpected weight loss, fatigue accompanied by bone pain and sweating and that too most commonly at night. The patients may also suffer from difficulty in breathing, recurrent chills and high temperature. These symptoms are mostly noticed following spreading of bone tumor to other parts of body and tissues of other bones.

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