What is Bulimia and how to cure it naturally

BulimiaBulimia refers to an eating disorder which has psychological aspect too. It means a person consumes a lot of food in a short time. The problem doesn’t end here. He then tries to expel out the food thus consumed by vomiting or using laxatives. He does so due to fear of gaining weight due to intake of large quantities of food. Apart from this, such persons also go for strenuous physical exercises, avoid eating food or just eat little or take pills to keep their weight under control. Depending upon the perception of a person about food being consumed, the quantity of food consumed varies from one person to another.  This disorder is found more in young women as compared to their male counterparts.  It is quite important to treat this physical and psychological disorder. Some natural cures can help in this direction.

Eating Salads– People suffering from the problem of Bulimia may be motivated to eat salads. It is because these help in giving a feeling of fullness to the stomach rapidly and calm down the hunger. These are full of important nutrients and hence help in keeping body healthy.

Drinking lots of Liquids- Liquids help in keeping the stomach full and hence avoid overeating and vomiting. You can drink liquids such as water, fresh fruit juices or herbal teas. Drinking plenty of liquids at regular intervals of time for the whole day helps you in keeping you away from excessive food intake.

Tulsi- Taking three cups of plain Tulsi tea everyday helps you in dealing with the problem of bulimia. It is done by giving a feeling of satisfaction and wellness to the body. It also keeps mind healthy which is vital to deal with bulimia.

Adequate sleep- A person may also suffer from bulimia due to lack of sleep or rest and indulge in over-eating. So you must take adequate sleep i.e. for eight hours each night. Also small naps during day will keep you healthy and free-mind thereby deals with the bulimia naturally.

Exercises and meditation- Since bulimia has mental or psychological aspect too, therefore it is very important to keep mind stress-free. It can be done by practicing some exercises regularly. You can include simple walking, jogging, yoga, swimming or such other light exercises plus meditation to your daily routine. It helps in keeping mind and body in their proper working condition. This in turn helps a person get rid of bulimia disorder naturally.

Aromatherapy- Some essential and aromatic oils such as lemon balm, rose oils, jasmine and geranium oils help in dealing with bulimia disorder to great extent. It is done by doing away with the stress and bringing mental peace. This in turn leads to a healthy body where there is no place for bulimia disorder.

Eating foods in small quantities– Another great way to treat bulimia disorder is to eat foods in small quantities after short intervals of time. It is better than eating large quantities of foods after long intervals of time. It is due to the reason that small quantities of food can be easily digested. This helps in preventing vomiting plus weight gain and bulimia automatically.

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