How to treat Chest Cold with the help of some effective home remedies

Chest Cold

Chest cold refers to a medical condition in which a person suffers from cold and flu and feels heaviness in chest. It is due to excessive deposition of cold and other fluids in the lungs. It is more often accompanied by mucus or phlegm. Chest cold mostly occurs due to cold attack, climatic changes and is followed by various types of infection. The patient may experience weakness, fatigue, irritability and pain in chest. A pressure is also felt in the chest due to blockage of oxygen to the lungs which leads to difficulty in breathing. Some home remedies are helpful in treatment of chest cold.

Garlic and Butter– Fry 2-3 gloves of garlic in butter on low flame and sprinkle some black pepper powered on it. It should be eaten with steamed rice to cure chest cold.

Onions- Sulfur and Querectin present in onion helps in breaking down the chest cold. It must be taken with curry powder to have the desired results. It is because curry powder helps in loosening up the phlegm associated with chest congestion and gives relief from chest cold. You can sauté onions in curry powder with extra-virgin oil and eat the same. It will give you instant relief from chest cold symptoms.

Honey and Basil- Since honey and basil leaves are known to remove mucus from the chest therefore these can be used to cure chest cold. You can crush 4-5 basil leaves to extract the juice and add honey to it. Have it two times a day to get relief from chest cold. Honey helps in soothing the throat naturally and hence gives great relief from chest cold.

Hot Tea– It is a great home remedy to treat chest cold. It helps in moistening of the throat and also gives relief from sore throat. You can even prepare herbal tea from some useful ingredients including rosemary, angelic root, cayenne pepper, and cardamom to calm down the congestion caused due to chest cold. Honey, lemon and ginger added to herbal tea give fast relief from chest cold.

Steam method– You can also get relief from chest cold by inhaling steam. It helps in making the hardened phlegm loose and hence paces up the recovery from chest cold. Steam can be taken by using a large bowl of water to which boiled water is added or by using an electric steamer. A nebulizer is also a good option to take steam. Adding a few drops of peppermint oil, eucalyptus or lavender work wonders in breaking up the phlegm.

Apart from this, you may also gargle with warm water to which salt has been added to get rid of chest cold. Even a hot shower also helps in breaking down the cold.

Applying Hot Packs- To warm up the airways on the chest externally, you may apply a hot pack or steaming cloth over the chest. It helps in curing chest cold. You can prepare a hot pack by roasting carom seeds, fenugreek seeds or cloves for two minutes. This pack must be applied to chest and throat at night to get relief from chest cold.

Ginger Juice- It is another effective home remedy for chest cold. You can extract juice of ginger by crushing some fresh cloves of ginger root and add honey to it. Take this mixture regularly to get rid of chest cold naturally.

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