How to treat Chilblains through Natural Cures

ChiblainsChilblains refer to a skin condition in which reddish blue swellings occur on the skin. These swellings are quite irritating. Chilblains mostly occur on the fingers, ears and toes. This skin condition is mostly found in winter season. The main reason behind occurrence of chilblains is restriction in the circulation of blood to the farthest points due to cold. In other words, blocking of blood capillaries in the lower layers of skin, leads to the condition of chilblains. The condition becomes even worst due to cold weather, improper or poor diet, deskbound job or wearing of tight shoes. But this condition can be cured by taking into consideration some natural cures.

Boiled water with turnips and celery leaves– It is the easiest natural cure for chilblains. You can soak your hands and feet in water boiled with turnips and celery leaves. Just take care to avoid any scratches on the skin due to high temperature of water. Let water come down to Luke-warm temperature and then soak hands and feet in it.

Lily Petals– You can apply juice of lily petals on the cuts and wounds caused due to chilblains and relieve the itching. You can prepare this juice by rinsing lily petals in warm water. Chop them thoroughly and massage alcohol over them and cover them. Keep this mixture in same condition for almost two weeks. After that you can squeeze the mixture and extract juice out of it. Store it in a bottle and apply it on the affected areas.

Potato– Potato helps in getting relief from itching and also diminishes the redness on the affected area. You can cut a potato and take a slice from it. Dust some salt on the cut piece of slice and massage it over the affected area. It will give a soothing effect instantly.

Mixture of Egg, Honey, glycerin and flour– It offers a fast relief from the problem of chilblains. It is because all these ingredients are rich in anti-microbial and aromatic oils. You have to mix a tablespoon of honey, little flour, little glycerin and one egg white into a paste. This paste should be applied over chilblains and left to remain there for six to seven hours. It is then washed off.

Onion- It is another natural cure which gives instant relief from itching and helps in reducing the severity of chilblains. You have to cut a raw onion and apply it on the affected area continuously till the juice gets soaked into the skin.

Combination of Ash bark, hawthorn berries and ginger- It is an effective home remedy for chilblains. It is made by mixing 3 parts each of prickly ash bark and hawthorn berries plus one part of ginger. Make a powder or grind them together. You have to add one teaspoon of this mixture to a cup of boiled water and keep it for 15 minutes. You can grind the herbs and drink the liquid to have relief from chilblains effectively.

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