Get rid of chronic cough with natural cures

coughA cough is known to be chronic cough which continues for long time. In other words, if a cough doesn’t get cured for over some weeks it may be termed as chronic cough.  Cough refers to the unexpected, recurring and intermittent contraction of the thoracic cavity. It leads to aggressive release or air from the lungs. A distinct noise is produced due to this type of cough. Even chronic cough can be cured easily by using some natural cures.

Garlic, sugar, lemon and honey– You can drink a liquid prepared by adding garlic pieces and boiling the same. To this liquid, add honey and lemon to have the desired results.

Inhalation of mint and eucalyptus leaves– By inhaling vapors of mint and eucalyptus leaves by boiling the same in water helps in giving relief from chronic couch to great extent.

Honey, lemon, cinnamon and eucalyptus leaves- You can drink a liquid prepared by mixing all these ingredients in water and drink the same to get cured of chronic cough. You can have this drink regularly till cough gets completely cured.


Ginger- It is a great natural remedy for treatment of chronic cough. You can add ginger to soups or other dishes during cooking and have the same when still warm. Ginger tea also helps a great deal in this respect. It can be prepared by boiling ginger roots in water.

Ginger, black pepper and ghee- It is perhaps the most useful natural treatments for cough. You can have equal parts of dry ginger, sugar, black pepper and ghee. Consume it twice daily. The mixture can be prepared by boiling water and adding three cloves of garlic and a spoon of ghee. Add the liquid thus prepared.

Honey– You can consume honey by adding it to teas, warm water or other eatables to get rid of chronic cough. Since honey is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, so it serves as a great agent in curing chronic cough and the relevant symptoms.

Onion and honey –Put honey over a chopped onion and allow it to heat in a sauce pan for some time. Take honey from it and have it on your tongue to pass to the throat. It is great natural cure for chronic cough provided water is not taken for a minimum of half an hour after this treatment.

Turmeric- You can also cure chronic cough by inhaling vapors arising from boiling water to which turmeric has been added. You can even drink warm milk to which pure turmeric powder has been added. Have this milk two times daily to treat the cough completely.

Have lots of liquids– During cough, it is necessary to keep body hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids all through the day. It helps in making the mucus thin which in turn gives relief from chronic cough at a fast speed. You can have plain water, fruits and vegetable juices, coconut water and herbal teas.

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