What is Colic? Some easy and natural ways to treat colic

Colic is an ailment which is mostly found in newborn babies. Although it heals itself with the passage of time but the discomfort caused by it becomes unbearable for the babies. Hence it becomes necessary to take help of some medicines or natural ways to get rid of colic problem. Colic is recognized by observing the babies. If babies keep on crying continuously, feel uneasiness in abdomen and the situation continues into the night, it is obvious that baby is suffering from colic. Some home remedies, natural cures or change in lifestyle work wonder in treating colic.

Prefer breast-feeding over bottle-feeding– It is always advised that babies should be breast-fed instead of feeding them by bottle. It is because breast-fed infants are less prone to suffer from colic in comparison to other babies who are fed with the bottle.

Feeding in small portions- The baby must be fed frequently but in small portions. It is because the problem of colic becomes worse due to presence of excess of liquid in the stomach. The baby must be pressed to the shoulder after feeding. Slowly massage over his back to bring out the excess air. Alternatively, you can also burp your baby to help digest the food easily.

Placing baby on lap- You can also help your baby reduce his abdomen pain by making him rest on your lap when you are sitting. The abdomen of baby must rest across your knees. You must slowly move your legs up and down as it will create a smooth motion for your baby. It is helpful in lessening pain to a great extent.

Leg exercises– You can also carry out some leg exercises for your baby to help him get relaxed from colic pain. The baby must be laid down on his back. Take hold of both of his legs by holding his feet around calf and ankles. You must push his knees upwards towards his tummy slowly followed by their stretching out. Continue for some time in same way. It helps in making muscles of his abdomen relax. You can also push one knee upwards while stretching the other one. It gives great relief instantly.

Lactase Drops– You can also use lactase drops to help your baby with the digestion. It is to be used only after consulting with the pediatrician. It is because lactase drops help in breaking the lactose enzyme into sugar, consumed through breast milk or formula milk. This in turn helps in relieving colic.

Medicines– Although colic must be treated in natural ways but when the situation is out of control, some medicines are also recommended by the doctors. A Simeticone drop is one such medicine which needs to be added to breast milk or formula milk to help babies get rid of colic.

Apart from this, proper sleeping and feeding habits are also helpful for babies in treatment of colic.

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