How to treat Cough Effectively

Stop-CoughingAlmost all people in their lifetime suffer from the problem of severe cough at one time or the other. Occurrence of cough problems during changing weather is also common. Although coughs help in getting rid of harmful substances from the body but these are quite painful and discomforting. Coughs usually help in keeping the lungs and the airways in the body clear. Other symptoms which are noted in a cough include sore throat and severe pain in the throat and sometimes chest also. It is due to deposition of mucous in chest. Chronic choughs interfere with routine activities of a person as well as with the sleep and speaking processes. Also it takes a lot of time to get cured. Some simple but effective ways can help in treating cough. 

Drink lots of fluids- Since cough leads to problems such as dryness, harshness and soreness in throat, therefore you must take adequate liquids to keep your throat moisturized and hydrated. You can have liquids such as water, juices, tea, soups, lukewarm lemon and honey.

Drinking Herbal Tea- You can prepare herbal tea by mixing crushed ginger, cloves, peppercorns, a stick of cinnamon, springs of basil leaves, honey and cardamom in a pan of water. Let all these ingredients boil and strain properly. You can sip this tea all through the day to have instant relief from irritation caused due to cough.

Gargling with warm water regularly- Warm water with salt added to it helps in removal of irritants from the throat. It also makes mucus thin and hence gives relief from cough and soreness in throat. You just need to take a glass of hot water with salt added to it. Even turmeric can be added to water along with salt. Gargling 2 to 3 times each day continuously helps in treating cough effectively.

Ginger- You can eat ginger in raw form by sprinkling salt to it and then chewing the same. Ginger-juice helps in giving instant relief from cough. You can also make a liquid from ginger by adding finely chopped ginger pieces to a cup of water. It should then be boiled till it becomes half its original volume. Honey should be added to this liquid after straining it and it should then be drunk while it is still warm.

Garlic- It has antimicrobial properties which boosts immune system and hence helps a person to get rid of cough. You can stir fry some garlic pieces with little ghee and eat the same when still warm. Even raw garlic also provides great relief from cough when chewed.

Turmeric Powder- Add half teaspoonful of turmeric to a hot glass of milk and mix it well. Consume it regularly to get relief from severe cough. Turmeric powder mixed with honey also gives fast and effective relief from cough.

Mixture of Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar- Since apple cider vinegar has strong medicinal properties, therefore it can be taken along with honey and water to treat cough. The germs which cause cough are killed by this liquid and hence stops cough from advancing further.

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