Treat Cuts and Wounds with the help of herbal remedies

A cut is also known as laceration. It is an injury which leads to breakdown or opening of the exposed skin portion. A cut may be minor or major depending upon the depth of cut. A cut may lead to injury of the deep tissues including ligaments, blood vessels, tendons, muscles, nerves or even the bone. A cut is also sometimes accompanied by bleeding or pain. Several herbal remedies help in healing up cuts.

Honey- It is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and hence helps in getting rid of pain, inflammation and uneasiness caused due to the cuts. Since the affected part of body is prone to bacterial infection, therefore honey helps in preventing it due to its anti-bacterial properties. It also helps in stoppage of bleeding as well as speeds up the healing of the cut.

Turmeric Powder– It is rich in disinfectant properties and hence helps in treating cuts effectively. It is also rich in healing properties thereby treating the cuts in a better manner. It stops bleeding immediately and starts up the healing process as soon as it is applied on the affected area. You can apply turmeric powder paste to a bandage and cover the cut with this bandage. It can also be used along with clarified butter to get instant results.

Aloe Vera- It can be used in two ways to treat cuts and wounds. It can be applied externally to the affected area in the form of a gel. It paces up the healing process. You can consume Aloe Vera juice to boost up your immune system and provide your body enough energy to fight with the infections which are caused due to cuts.

Garlic- It is known to treat cuts wonderfully. You can apply a paste of garlic by crushing its cloves finely. It helps in stopping the bleeding and pain instantly. As a result, the healing process is also started immediately.

Black Plum Bark- You can apply the powder of black plum bark directly over the cuts and get it healed immediately.

Grapefruit- The extract from the seeds of grapefruit are quite effective in providing relief from the pain caused due to cuts.

Camphor with Butter– Apply a paste of camphor and clarified butter over the cuts to get instant relief from pain and inflammation caused due to cuts.

Coffee- Application of coffee powder over the cuts helps in stopping bleeding immediately. It also accelerates healing of cuts effectively.

Mixture of Herbs- Apart from individual application of herbs and relevant pastes or powders, you can also apply a mixture of some herbs on the cuts. You can mix equal parts of herbs including comfrey, St John’s Wort, chamomile and Calendula. Make a powder and boil in water. Apply the mixture thus formed on the cuts.

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