Some tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

dark-circlesWe often come across some people who bear dark circles under their eyes that affect them adversely. The excessive fluid underneath the soft skin is one of the reasons behind such circles. Accumulation of salt in the tears also causes circles. In certain cases, the dark circles under the eyes are often the result of inheritance. Certain other reasons also lead to dark circles or bags, e.g. loss of iron or such necessary proteins including collagen or melanin. Sleeplessness is also the major cause of such circles as excessive blood beneath the soft skin turns into bags. Diseases similar to Hay fever or other such causes also bring in dark circles under the eyes of the sufferers who can get rid of the same by following certain tips mentioned hereunder.

Proper sleeping habits – The first and foremost effective step to get rid of the dark circles is to mend the sleeping order. It is recommended that you must sleep straight on your back with your head kept high by keeping a pillow. It helps in keeping the blood circulation in a correct way and allows the fluids too to flow in straight direction. The fluids underneath the eyes and the puffiness of the eyes get removed that helps to avoid the dark circles.

Sleeping in excessive air conditioned rooms should also be avoided.

It is suggested that eye-lashes, Mascara or other eye make-ups are removed before going to bed as sleeping with heavy eyes leads to weakness and early aging too.

Sufficient sleep – Persons suffering from sleeplessness often bear the dark circles underneath their eyes. This is because of the stress due to loss of sleep that puts them under high pressure. As such, they must have sufficient sleep, i.e. at least for six to eight hours on daily basis.

Yoga & other exercises – Circulation of blood and fluids can be enhanced by undergoing Yoga other exercises. The face that becomes pale due to the dark circles can become shining through the daily exercise sessions that make the skin soft and free from such bags.

Appropriate applications – The freshness of the skin can be revived by using potato slices or potato on the face and below the eyes.

Use of ice bags on the skin for about one or two hours on daily basis after getting out from the bed helps in removing the additional blood or fluids.

Neti-pot, the unique device helps in getting rid of hay fever and nasal infections. Use of this mechanism is recommended to be saved from the effects of infection and the excessive fluid underneath the eyes.

Apt medication and good diet – Persons suffering from allergies through smoke, pungent smells or flour etc should go in for proper medication. Proper diet with sufficient amount of fruits, vitamins and vegetables etc is a must to be saved from the dark circles.

Last but not the least, excessive stress that leads in attracting bags or the dark circles should be avoided at all costs.

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