How to cure the problem of delayed periods through natural cures

Delayed-PeriodsPeriods refer to a period of a month when non-fertilization takes place inside a woman’s body. The inner walls of the uterus shed off and are expelled out of body along with blood from the body. Although these periods occur at regular intervals but some women suffer from the problem of delayed periods. And this condition is known as amenorrhea in medical terms. A woman suffers from multiple problems due to delayed periods. These problems include pain and heaviness in breasts and abdomen, acne, loose motion, feeling of tiredness and sickness. Some common causes of delayed periods are stress, birth prevention contraception, and hormonal imbalance in the body, improper nutrition, ovary cyst etc. Delayed periods are indicated by vomiting or discharge from the body. Some natural cures help in curing delayed periods and make them regular.

Papaya- Raw, unripe, boiled or cooked papaya helps in making your delayed periods normal. You can include papaya in all your meals regularly to get desired results.

Ginger plus honey- A combination of honey and ginger helps in curing delayed periods quite rapidly. Ginger accelerates the process of menstruation while honey provides relief from symptoms of delayed periods.
Sugarcane- Drinking fresh sugarcane juice regularly before one or two weeks of the due date of periods helps in normalizing delayed periods. It can be continued for subsequent months too to make your periods regular forever.

Lemon and cinnamon juice– It is another effective remedy to cure delayed periods naturally. Both lemon and cinnamon have the properties to get rid of causes behind delayed periods.
Grapes- Juice of grapes or even grapes in their natural form can help in stabilizing delayed periods. Both green and black grapes are equally effective but these should be consumed in limited quantities to avoid other side effects.

Parsley– It is a great herb which treats almost all types of menstruation disorders. You can drink one glass of parsley juice daily to get the results.
Aloe Vera- Since Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, R, folic acid, calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium and zinc therefore it helps in making your delayed periods normal. Have a cup of aloe Vera juice regularly.

Radish Seeds– Consuming radish seeds regularly give you effective results as far as curing of delayed periods is concerned. You can make a paste of radish seeds by grinding them in mixer with water. Add the prepared paste to buttermilk and drink it regularly.

Balanced and healthy diet- You must include fruits and vegetables in your diet to have all the nutrients required for normal periods.

Coriander Leaves– To have positive results of coriander for delayed periods; you can have tea made by boiling coriander leaves in it or have coriander soup.
Roots of Banyan Tree- The delayed periods can get stimulated easily by taking roots of banyan tree. You can boil them in water and then add it to a glass of cow milk and drink it at night.
Figs- The fig roots help in reducing the problem of delayed problems. You can boil fig roots in water and drink it after filtering. Use this formula once or twice a day till periods get started.

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