How to treat Dysentery through Herbal Remedies?

dysentryDysentery refers to the abnormal condition of digestive system of human body. Under this condition, the patient passes watery stools frequently. Even blood and mucous are also sometimes present in stools. Dysentery is caused due to inflammation in the intestine and colon. It is because of consumption of food and water contaminated by bacteria and parasites. The patient suffers from excessive dehydration, pain and cramps in stomach, bloating, nausea, blood and mucous in stools, fever and loss of appetite. Dysentery can be readily treated with the help of some herbal remedies.

Using Cayenne- It is the best known herb for curing dysentery. You can consume cayenne and get rid of internal or external bleeding-related problems caused due to dysentery.

White Oak- The tannins present in white oak aid in making the capillaries of the intestine strong thereby preventing them from bleeding. Apart from this, it protects the lining of the intestine from viral and bacterial infections. It also relieves inflammation and pain during dysentery.

Cranesbill– It is a good herb which has antiseptic and powerful astringent properties.  These properties impart a cooling and soothing effect to the intestines and relieve inflammation caused by the bacteria. Numbers of medicinal properties are found in the root of this herb which helps in curing dysentery. Cranesbill is readily available in the market in the form of extract, tincture, tonics or root powder.

Mullein- It is known to treat the problem of dysentery for permanent life time. This herb can be taken with warm milk. It can also be consumed directly following each stool to have the immediate results.

Blackberry- It is rich in tannins which help in clearing away the bacterial infections from the intestine. This in turn stops bleeding from the intestines. It also helps in offering a cooling and soothing effect to the inflamed tissues of the intestines and the irritation in mucosal lining. The patient can consume berries in their natural form or in the form of tonics, preservatives, extracts or syrups.

Raspberry- It is known to contain some chemical substances which help in destruction of microorganisms responsible for dysentery. It also helps in prevention of sticking of microorganisms to the walls of intestines. Since raspberry is rich in Vitamin C, therefore it helps in enhancing immunity of the body. This in turn helps a patient to recover from dysentery quickly. You can consume berries as whole berries or juices, syrups, preserves or herbal teas.

Arjuna- This herb is also full of tannins and offers a cooling and calming effect to the lining of intestine. Bleeding caused due to dysentery is stopped by using bark of Arjuna. It also cures fever and blood secretion from stools caused due to dysentery.

Sassafras- The mucilage of sassafras is known to cure dysentery naturally. It can be taken as a juice mixed with water or in powdered form directly. The latter form gives better results.

Thyme– It is also a great herb to cure dysentery. It is usually taken with warm water and honey in equal proportions on regular basis. It yields best results if taken properly and regularly.

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