Fatigue / Feeling Weakness

indicators-of-FatigueExperience of tiredness and exhaustion is but inevitable after strenuous physical or mental activity and even after a full day of stressful activities or hectic life schedule. It is because human body is such that it needs rest after hectic or vigorous activities. Due to lack of rest, we start feeling low level of energy in the body and are unable to continue with anymore physical or mental activity. This state of body is called as fatigue when there is no more energy in the body to carry out any type of activities. In simple words, fatigue is a condition when energy levels of the body are down and it is not in a condition to carry out any physical activity anymore.

Under normal circumstances, tiredness, exhaustion or fatigue is common and permissible after long hours of working or after rigorous activities. The condition becomes a matter or worry or concerned when a person starts feeling fatigued or exhausted even after doing minor physical activity. There are multiple reasons for occurrence of fatigue. It may even appear as a symptom of some other disease or illness in the body. Use of certain drugs is also known to trigger this condition. Since fatigue is an indicative of some other health issues therefore it needs to be cured immediately with the help of some healthcare physician so that further complications, as far as health of a person is concerned, may be prevented.

Fatigue is also sometimes referred to as lethargy, weariness, exhaustion and tiredness. Imbalance in the various energies of the body is mainly responsible for causing fatigue as per ayurvedic concepts. It lays stress on bringing about normal balance amid various body energies. In some cases, fatigue is known to be caused by certain digestive disorders or malfunctioning of the digestive system. It is all due to shortage of energy caused in the body due to improper working of the digestive system. Lack of body energy directly means fatigue.

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