How can you enjoy sex in a better manner

Like food and water are essential for living beings, similarly sex is also an important part of human life. It is the basic physical need of all people irrelevant of their sex. And it is quite important to fulfill the requirement to keep all bodily functions in their proper manner. It is due to the reason that hormones are directly related to sexual activity and the hormonal balance can be maintained only when sexual desire is also fulfilled properly and regularly. It is quite essential to keep a person emotionally strong. But many people suffer from some problems while having sex. They may experience lack of desire in their partners which leads to dissatisfaction. This in turn causes disappointment to the other partner. However, this problem can be tackled by following some simple tips.

Touching the partner with passion- It is always suggested to show your interest in your partner by touching her more frequently. It will indicate your desire to have the relationship. But always keep in mind to touch with passion and in a sweet manner around the waist and over the shoulders. Carry on with your conversation along with the gentle touch.

Taking the lead– When you are on a date with your partner, you must always act as a gentleman in the eyes of your partner. You must always take a lead in doing some acts including paying off the bills, being courteous to your partner all the time, giving some complimentary remarks in between the conversation etc.

Exciting your partner- To get more sex, it is quite important that your partner must be equally excited about getting it. You can excite her by kissing or sucking on sensual parts including neck and lips. When both partners are equally excited, it enhances the enjoyment even more.

Continuing with Communication and care after the sex- If you want your partner to make you enjoy sex each time, make sure you always remain in touch with her. Keep on with communication and caring attitude towards her after the sex as well as next day. Don’t be cold or disconnected after the sex.

Gentle and soft touch- You must show a gentle attitude towards sexual needs of your partner. Be gentle in some situations such as while pressing clitoris of your partner to make her feel excited as well as comfortable at the same time.

Get rough- While some situations demand gentle touch, you can also turn to be rough in some other situations such as pulling the hair gently. It is because when excitement reaches its peak level, women mostly like their partners to be rough and playful. It enhances feeling of passion and excitement.

Calling your partner by name- It is another great way to enhance sexual enjoyment. It shows that your partner is most important to you and enhances enjoyment of the activity all the more.

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