Saving from Eye Infection with natural treatments

eye infectionEye infections including trachoma, pink eye, blepharitis or conjunctivitis may lead to complexities that may cause harm to the optic nerve / cornea / retina, blurred vision or total loss of eye sight too. As such, all of us need to be cautious and save ourselves from eye infection by adopting certain steps like keeping ourselves clean and avoid contact with persons who suffer from eye infection. However, if at all we happen to have it, we can go in for the natural treatments that are effective sources of treatment for eye infection.

Honey – Equipped with several antibacterial properties, honey helps in saving us from the dangerous bacterial effects to the eyes. Mixture of honey with warm boiled water and its use with cotton balls after cooling the mixture gives soothing effects to the eyes that remain protected from eye infection. Regular use of such solution on frequent intervals is highly recommended to get rid of eye infection.

Use of honey by mixing it with few eyebright flowers in boiled water is another natural treatment to be saved from eye infections. It must be ensured that the solution gets cooled before using the same as eyewash.

Honey can be used directly by pouring its small drops into the eyes. It helps greatly in reducing the effects of eye infection.

Boric acid – This antifungal and antiseptic natural treatment is quite effective in doing away with the effects of eye infection. It gets easily mixed with water and may be used to clean the eyes as it is too mild and bears no side effects. Undoubtedly, it may have some burning or stinging effects when used for eyes. However, the persons suffering from allergy due to boric acid must avoid its use. It must also be avoided near open cuts.

Tea – Use of tea bags is another natural treatment to bring down swelling and redness in the eyes. Tea bags may be boiled in hot water that must be cooled down before using it as eyewash. Repetition of this process may be carried out till the patient gets enough relief from eye infection.

Chamomile – Eye infection can be controlled by using chamomile that may be boiled in three cups of water. The mixture should be cooled down before using it as eyewash for the affected eyes. Irritation in the eyes goes down soon with chamomile.

Jasmine – Irritation, inflammation and redness in the eyes can be reduced to great extent by using the jasmine flowers that may be boiled in water or mixing them with distilled water. Just take few jasmine flowers and mix the same in cooled boiled or distilled water and use the mixture as an effective wash that is certain to relieve the eyes from effects of infection.

Natural treatments like baby shampoo or flaxseed are also highly recommended to save ourselves from eye infection.

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