What is Foot Fungus and how it can be treated with some home remedies

foot-careFungus in the feet results the infected area to blister, peel and crack that can spread to other parts of the body too. Hence it is advised that proper treatment of foot fungus is got done at the earliest. Proper treatment and prevention of foot fungus can be ensured through the following remedial medication.

Garlic – This most common form of medication helps in getting rid of fungal infections in the feet. Garlic, an all-natural anti-fungal herbal product can be used on the affected areas of the feet. It is an amazing treatment for nail fungus on the feet. Using it as a paste on the affected areas also works well.

Chaparral – This plant is found in abundance in the Arizona deserts. This natural herb contains antioxidants, anti fungal / anti bacterial / anti parasitic and anti fungal properties. The leaves of this plant are used for treating fungal infections of nails, scalp and the skin.

Thyme – This anti-fungal natural herb contains antiseptic properties too that help the patients to get cured from foot fungus to great extent.

Black Walnut Hull – This anti-fungal herbal formulation is quite popular across the globe for treatment of foot fungus. With its anti septic properties, this herbal medicine helps the patients to get relieved from the painful effects of foot fungus. It is quite effective for treatment of skin and nail infections.

There are other anti-fungal herbs and medications too that include cedar, fennel, sage, rosemary, tea tree, neem, pine, clove and oregano etc that give sufficient relief from foot fungus.

Following steps are also quite useful for treatment of foot fungus.

Soaks– A solution containing four parts of water, one part of vinegar with one fourth of Epsom salt is quite effective to get cured from the harmful effects of foot fungus.

Cracked skins of the feet affected with fungus can be cured easily by using a mixture of one part of water and two parts of hydrogen. The affected areas may be soaked properly with this solution that helps in treatment of the foot fungus.

Good soaks can also be made by mixing considerable quantity of fennel, chaparral, pine and thyme etc that contain advantageous ingredients for treatment of foot fungus.

It is advised that the feet affected with fungus are soaked in an apt manner on daily basis for about half an hour. The feed must be dried up properly after each soak to avoid fungus to grow again.

Other effective remedies for foot fungus include foot powders, anti-fungal salve and mixture of other suitable oils that help to get rid of foot fungus at the earliest. 

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