Treat Gallstones by using some easily available herbal remedies

gallstonesGall Stones refer to the small stones which are made up of cholesterol plus some other deposits found in the bile. Gall Stones get formed in the Gall Bladder or Bile duct of a person. The chief reason behind formation of gall stones is increase in the concentration of bile. This in turn leads to thickening of the bile which then takes the form of stones. It is to be noted that the bile juice is produced in the liver. It is stored in the gall bladder and is required for digestion of foods consumed by the body.


Some of the symptoms of gall stones are unbearable killing pain in the back and right side of body, vomiting, uneasiness or restlessness and nausea. In some cases, even symptoms are not caused by gall stones and these are diagnosed through ultrasound. The best treatment of removal of gall stones is through surgery. But these can also be cured by using some effective herbal remedies.

Turmeric- Due to the presence of curcumin in turmeric, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. It helps in making blood circulation in the body better and hence triggers bile which in turn treats gall stones. Turmeric may be consumed in raw form, by adding to milk or in the form of turmeric capsule regularly. It also helps in reducing the inflammation of the gallbladder. It also aids in instant digestion of cholesterol and fats thereby reducing the chances of gallstone formation.

Green Tea- It is rich in polyphenols and caffeine. Both these help in reducing the cholesterol level considerably. This in turn makes the flow of bile better and hence removes gall stones from the body naturally.

Peppermint- It is known for its anti-spasmodic and carminative properties. These properties help in dissolving gallstones and hence remove the same through urine. Although peppermint can be used in other forms to treat gallstone but peppermint oil is not at all recommended for this purpose as it may lead to gastrointestinal problems.

Chicory– It is an acidic or sour herb and hence triggers the production of bile juice in the liver. This property of chicory helps in prevention of formation of gallstones. It is done by reducing the concentration of bile in the body.

In addition to it, Chicory also helps in soothing the inflammation of the gallbladder and hence prevents infections, swelling and the pain caused due to gallstones. It may be consumed by adding it to coffee or in the form of capsules, decoction and tonics.

Dandelion– It is perhaps one of the best herbal remedies for removal of gall stones from body. The liver is induced to produce more amount of bile by the consumption of Dandelion. It is due to the presence of Treterpenes and Taraxacin which help in cleansing the liver. The concentration of bile is decreased by Dandelion which in turn leads to flushing out of it from the body along with urine. It can be consumed in the form of salads, herbal tea, decoctions or salads.

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