How to get rid of headaches by using some effective home remedies

headachesMost of people suffer from the problem of headache at one time or the other. Although headache is not a serious health hazard but severe headache may interfere with your normal routine activities. There are multiple reasons behind headaches such as lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, low blood pressure, alcohol, poor posture, skipping of meals and many more. Apart from this, some changes in the chemical composition of brain or change in the activity of nerves in the head, skull, brain or neck may also lead to headaches. Although you can get instant relief from headache by taking pain killers however it is always advised to use some home remedies. These don’t have any side effects like other medicines and effective to treat headaches.

Mint Juice or Coriander Juice– Mint is rich in menthol which acts as a natural pain reliever. Also it gives relief from inflammation caused in nerves of brain due to headache. You can crush some mint leaves and make a paste. Extract juice from this paste and apply the same on your forehead. Similarly, coriander also acts in the same manner and gives instant relief from headache.

Cold Compression- You can wrap some ice-cubes in a towel or a packet and place the same on the back of your neck or on forehead. It will give you great relief from headache.

Cloves- Inhaling smell of cloves also treats headache instantly. Just take 4-5 cloves and crush them thoroughly and wrap them in a cloth. Inhale the smell of cloves and get relief from headache. You can also make a paste of cloves and apply the same on your forehead. Keep it for 30 minutes to cure headache completely.

Lavender Oil- Since it is rich in medicinal properties and hence apt to cure headache. Add 4-5 drops of lavender oil into the boiled water and inhale the vapors. Keep on inhaling vapors for about 20 minutes to cure headache completely. Then apply some drops of the oil on your forehead.

Ginger- It has anti-inflammatory properties and hence used to get rid of headache by reducing the swelling in blood vessels around the head. It is done by applying ginger juice on the forehead. You can also inhale vapors produced by boiling ginger in water to get relief from headache.

Apples- It helps in relieving headache by balancing acid and alkaline levels in the body. It is because sometimes imbalance in the acidic and alkaline levels also leads to headache. You can eat apple by sprinkling salt over it. It will give you magical results to cure headache.

Basil Leaves- Also known as Tulsi, it also gives instant relief from headache. Take fresh basil leaves and chew the same after washing properly. Alternatively, herbal tea may also be taken by boiling basil leaves in boiling water.

Have plenty of liquids– Dehydration in the body is also a major reason behind headache. So you must keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of liquids. You can take plain water, coconut water, fruit juice or lemon juice. Make sure to have non-caffeinated liquids only.

Massaging to get rid of headache- You can also get rid of headache by rubbing your temples in a circular motion. You can also massage your neck and shoulders to release tension and ultimately headache.

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