How to cure Heat Rash through Natural Cures

heat-rashesHeat rashes are the small red bumps which are caused due to heat or dampness in the skin. These bumps mostly appear in the body parts which are highly humid. These are also known as prickly heat as these are quite itchy. Heat rashes mostly appear in clusters. The reason behind heat rashes is the excessive salt. When body sweats a lot, the salt in the sweat accumulates in some skin areas such as shoulder, neck, armpit or any other area of body which suffers from excessive sweating. Heat rashes are harmless and get cured of their own gradually when the affected area gets enough coolness. Heat rashes give rise to excessive itching which is quite irritating. You can cure heat rashes through some natural cures.

Cold Compression- This natural cure is quite effective and helps in soothing down the burning sensation and inflammation caused due to exposure to sun. You can apply cold compression by rinsing a cloth in ice cold water. Put it on the affected area after squeezing it to remove excess water. Adding few drops of a good anti-septic solution to cold water makes this cure even more effective.

Neem- Since neem has anti-bacterial properties therefore it acts as a great healing agent for inflammation caused due to heat rashes. Grind some neem leaves to make a paste. This paste should be applied on the rashes daily. Keep it there for half an hour and then apply some moisturizer to avoid dryness of skin. You can use neem oil to moisturize the skin. You can even keep neem paste in fridge for two days to be used.

Sandalwood- It is known to keep skin in a healthy state. It acts as a skin calming agent. You can apply sandalwood powder on the affected area by making a paste with rose water. Keep it there for half an hour so that it may dry out. Then wash it off and see the result yourself.

Aloe Vera- It is known for its cooling and anti-microbial properties. You can apply juice of aloe Vera directly on the affected area by taking a sprig of it. The gel-like juice of aloe Vera comes out of sprig naturally which can be applied on the skin. It gives instant relief and reduces redness of skin. It is also acts as a great moisturizer. Since it is free from any side-effects and hence can be used as many times as required.

Coconut Oil– It also acts as a great moisturizer. Due to presence of lauric acid in coconut oil, it has the ability to fight with bacteria effectively. You can prepare a mixture of coconut oil by adding camphor to it. Keep it for night and use this oil to apply on the heat rashes. It proves to be a great fighting agent against heat rashes.

Fuller’s Earth- It is again a super cooling agent for the skin. Make a paste of fuller’s earth by adding rose water or plain water to it. Also add honey to keep skin moisturized. Apply this paste on affected area and leave it to try. It helps in curing heat rashes instantly and effectively.

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