Suggest some effective ways and remedies to treat Hernia

Hernia is a condition of body in which the intestine loses its balance and passes through the abdominal muscles, upper thigh or the groin region. Hernia is mostly caused due to physical exertion beyond limits or weak muscles of the abdomen. It can be treated by incorporating low-fat foods in the diet and enhancing protein intake. This helps in making muscles of abdomen strong. Hernia is not a serious condition and can be treated by taking some precautions and undergoing some simple curative methods.

Avoiding lifting of heavy weights– You must always avoid lifting of heavy weight objects in case you are suffering from hernia. It exerts pressure on the abdomen which in turn makes hernia worse.

Instant treatment of coughing- Continuous or persistent coughing also leads to compression and damage to the muscles of abdomen. Therefore, you must always take care to get your cough cured in the beginning stages itself to prevent hernia from getting worse.

Regular bowel movements- You must also pay attention that you have regular bowel movements to avoid hernia to become worse. You should never bear down when you are having your bowel movements. It is because hardening of the feces inside large intestine aggravates the condition of hernia. You must always include fiber-rich food such as fruits and vegetables in your diet. It helps in production of smooth and easy-to-release feces. It helps in avoiding any unnecessary pressure on the muscles of abdomen.

Surgery- It is done in case the condition of hernia has complicated. As an instance, the surgery is performed to avoid blockage of blood supply to the intestine when intestines become chocked due to their trapping into the abdominal walls. Surgery is performed in minor hernia as well but may be delayed for some time.

Surgical belt or abdominal binders- In case surgery is not possible due to complications in the intestines as a result of some medical conditions, you can opt to wear a surgical belt or abdominal binders. It helps in keeping the hernia in place. Although hernia is not cured by this method, but it helps in giving relief from pain and uneasiness caused due to hernia.

Treatment through relaxation– Some hernias are such which can be reduced by pushing them through relaxation techniques. It can be done under the supervision of a medical practitioner. It is done by lying down on back on a flat surface. You must relax down completely and take deep and slow breaths. At the same time, push your intestines back into your stomach with the help of fingers. The medical practitioner will also subscribe some medicines to relieve pain during relaxation techniques.

Other treatment methods- You can also go for some other treatments for hernia as recommended by the naturopathic physician. These include meditation, acupuncture and light exercises. All these help in minimizing the hernia.

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