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It is so surprising and astonishing but it’s true that Himalaya Speman, a product of Himalaya Drug Company, India is available in only 1.50 $ per bottle. This is done in accordance of a scheme in which we are offering people with Himalaya Speman at this low cost. We are able to sell it so low as we get the product directly from the companies distributer and hence we are able to offer you the discount over Maximum retail price.

Speman is a product of one of the most reputed herbal and Ayurvedic product manufacturer company, Himalaya Drug Company who has a very high reputation in the herbal world. This company has been a pioneer in providing people with best herbal products and effective Medicare. Speman is one of those products. Since the establishment of the Company in the early thirty’s, the company has been providing people with the best Ayurvedic research product which are result oriented and clinically proven.

Himalaya Speman is recommended to guys who have low sperm count or some other sperms related problems. Men having oligospermia are benefitted with this herbal product.

Benefits of Himalaya Health care Speman

  1. Helps in improving sperm count
  2. Helps in making sperm thicker and whiter
  3. Removes foul smell from sperms.
  4. Makes sperm more motile
  5. Increases a chance for fertilization
  6. A big positive hope for childless couple.


Hi, I am Seema from Australia. I got married about seven years ago. But till last year me and my husband was not able to achieve a baby. When we got ourselves tested we found that my husband had low sperm count. It was a shock to us. Then we came across this wonderful Himalaya Company product Speman. My husband consumed it for about 3 months.  We got his sperm count checked. We found significant improvement. After few days I conceived. Yes finally we were able to make a baby. I was a complete woman. At present I am 5 months pregnant and all my tests are normal and baby in my womb is also normal. I want to thank Speman with which I got a reason to live.

Seema. Sydney, Australia.

I want to offer my thanks and tons of appreciation to the makers of this wonderful herbal product Speman. Due to my low sperm count problem, I was not able to make my wife pregnant and had got an inferiority complex of being a incomplete man. But with regular use of speman my sperm count improved to normal. I am so happy now. Thanks once again for changing my life. Highly grateful.

Rick Harrison, Las Vegas. United States.

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