How to breast Massage?

Do you know most men admire such women who have properly shaped sized, firmer and bigger breasts? It is because breasts are considered to be one of the most important factors that affect the feminist qualities in a female. Any woman that has bigger, rounder, firmer and toned breasts is supposed to provide more sensual pleasure as compared to others. After all, breasts are directly linked with the sexual system and the sexual activity. Also breasts have a direct impact on the overall personality of women. Thus most women are keen to have bigger and firmer breasts to impress all others around them. Those who have undersized breasts may feel somewhat awkward or embarrassed. Such women try various methods, techniques and treatment options to increase their breast size. In this respect, massaging your breasts in a proper manner helps in improving the size of the breasts to great extent. At the same time, it is also true that you need to carry out the massage of the breasts in a proper way so that the desired results may be obtained. Let us now discuss how to massage your breasts so as to increase their size naturally and make the same firmer and toned. Keep reading.

In order to massage your breasts, you need to use some good quality and preferably herbal ointment, cream or oil so as to carry out the massage smoothly, easily and firmly. The massage is carried out in a circular, inward and upward motion using firm pressure so that the oil or ointment may reach the deeper tissues of the breasts and blood circulation may also be improved. The massage need to be continued for around 5 to 10 minutes each day. It is best to massage your breasts twice a day for most effective results.

First of all, you need to apply the massage oil or cream on the breasts so as to feel at ease while carrying out the actual massage. It reduces any friction or irritation on the skin caused due to rubbing of hands on the breasts for massaging purpose. The massage is mostly started from the centre of the breasts by using the firm pressure of the palms and then moved towards the contours of the breasts from the inwards to outwards. In simple words, your hands must be moving from outside of your body toward the middle portion in a circular motion. Keep on with the process for around 20 times.

Following this, you need to use alternate hand movement to sweep from the underarms area upwards and inwards towards the front. Again you need to repeat this act for 20 times. Then lift one of your breasts upwards using firm support of both your hands. Likewise, repeat the same procedure on the other breast too for 20 times. Lastly, you need to again massage your breasts but with lighter strokes and without pushing the bust inwards.

Regular massaging of the breasts definitely helps in increasing the size of the breasts significantly.

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