What is Hypothyroidism and How to cure it Naturally

hypothyroidismThyroid is the chief gland in human body which controls almost all the functions of body such as digestion, reproduction, metabolism and brain functions. T3 or Thyroxine and T4 or Triiyodothyronine are the main hormones produced by thyroid gland. These hormones are known to take active part in all body functions. Reduction or complete stoppage in the production of these hormones by thyroid gland is known as hypothyroidism. Although this condition is mainly cured with help of medicines however some natural cures can also help, in case some hormones are still being produced by the thyroid gland.

Preferred diet for hypothyroidism- You must switch to non-starchy vegetables and reduce or completely eliminate caffeine, sugar, refined carbohydrates such as flour etc. It will help in saving your thyroid from misbalancing the blood sugar level.

Include protein-rich foods in your diet– Consuming protein rich foods such as nuts and nut butters, eggs, legumes etc. helps in curing hypothyroidism. It is because protein helps in carrying thyroid hormone to all the tissues of your body. This in turn makes functioning of thyroid normal.

Intake of Sufficient fats- Deficiency of fat and cholesterol may also lead to hormonal imbalance including thyroid hormones. So you must include sufficient fat and cholesterol in your diet to keep a hormonal balance in your body. Some fat-rich foods are ghee, coconut milk products, nuts and but butters, flax seeds, fish, yogurt and cottage cheese.

Avoiding goitrogens- These are the foods which interfere with the activities of thyroid. Some of these foods are kale kohlrabi, turnips, spinach, broccoli, strawberries, radishes, soybeans etc. You need not avoid these foods completely. Just have them in moderate quantities occasionally.

Avoiding gluten completely- Since gluten has the same molecular composition as that of gluten, therefore it must be avoided altogether. It helps in stopping autoimmune attack on your thyroid.

Relax your body of stress more often- Since thyroid is a sensitive gland and hence responds to stress very much. So you must always relax your body to get rid of stress to avoid any imbalance of hormones in the body. This in turn helps in proper working of thyroid gland.

Regular Exercise- You should also include some exercises in your routine daily. It also helps in retaining normal functions of the thyroid gland and hence deals with the problem of hypothyroidism.

Avoid smoking- It is again very bad as far as functioning of thyroid gland is concerned. It interferes with the activities of thyroid gland and may lead to reduction in the production of hormones or completely stop them. This in turn leads to the condition of hypothyroidism.

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