Which yoga poses can help you increase your breast size

breast-size-tipsBreasts are the most important part of a woman’s physique. It is because these help in enhancing the beauty and elegance of a woman to great extent. Apt sized and shaped breasts also reflect good health of a woman. But unfortunately all women don’t have properly sized and properly positioned breasts. Some women suffer from the problem of under-sized breasts. So they always look for measures to enhance the size of their breasts. Although numbers of alternatives are there to increase size of a woman’s breasts such as oils, gels, creams etc. but these are not so effective and give only short term results. These also prove to be expensive as well as have some side effects too. But there is a simple, natural and inexpensive method also which helps in increasing size of a woman’s breasts. And it is the yoga. Various poses of yoga help in increasing breast size to considerable and desirable extent.

Bhujangasana or The Cobra Pose- It helps in increasing breast size in short time effectively. It is performed by lying down on the floor. You have to position your chest against the floor. The upper body is lifted by pressing against the floor with your palms. Raise your head to make your face point upwards. The forearms must be at right angles to the floor. Hold for few seconds and return to normal position to repeat it again. 

Gowmukhasana or Cow Pose- It is also an effective pose to enhance breast size. It is done by sitting in a half-lotus pose and stretching right arm upwards. The arm is then folded to make it touch the upper portion of the back. At the same time, left arm is folded and moved backwards and upwards so as to touch the right arm. It can be repeated by alternating both arms. 

Utrasana or Camel Pose-To perform this pose; sit in a comfortable position on the knees. You must bend backwards while simultaneously making an attempt to hold ankles of both feet with corresponding hands. Make a semicircle by raising your buttock and dropping down your head towards back. Hold for few seconds and then again repeat it.

Dwikonasana- It is done by standing straight with feet at considerable distance. Lock the hands behind your back and gradually fold the upper part of body towards back. At the same time, the locked arms must be lifted up. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds and then regain normal position.

Vrikshasana or Tree pose– It helps in giving a perfect balance to all body parts including breasts. At the same time, it also helps in increasing size of breasts. It is carried out by standing straight on the floor. The left leg is lifted and placed on the thigh of right leg. A deep breath is taken in and hands are raised above the head similar to a prayer pose. Continue in same position for few seconds and then repeat it on opposite side.

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