Increase fertility: Boxers Vs Briefs

About 50 % of the childless couples have low sperm count problem. Having low sperm count is definitely a stigma on male’s manliness. It is often considered a big trauma if male becomes incapable of producing a child. However recent results have suggested that by changing over to boxers may be helpful in overcoming low sperm count problem and increase the fertility factor.

Physiologically human testes are having about 2 degree low temperature as compared to rest of the body. This is the explanation of why testes are located outside the body. By wearing tight underpants and briefs would lead to increase of temperature thus inhibiting the proper formation of the sperms. More over the circulation towards the testes is also hindered due to tightness.

According to Dr. Celina Dominguez M.D. (Reproductive endocrinologist) “Testes are designed in such a way so that it may get proper ventilation and easiness. This is the reason these are located outside the body. They should get proper air exposure to function properly. With tight inner clothing the temperature of testes may rise leading to abnormality in sperm production that may eventually lead to infertility in males. “

Few tips to correct testes functioning and increase sperm count

  1. Never wear tight under pants. Always try to wear loose clothes to improve circulation.
  2. It is recommended to wear boxers shots as compared to tight briefs
  3. Keep away from saunas and extreme high temperatures.
  4. Take a healthy diet
  5. Avoid spicy and hard to digest food
  6. Avoid constipation
  7. Take Himalaya speman that is considered the best herbal supplement to increase the sperm count and volume. 
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