Effective ways you must know to tackle the problem of irritable male syndrome

irritable male syndrome

Irritable male syndrome refers to a condition in middle aged men in which they exhibit some abnormalities in their behavior. These abnormalities include mood swings, depression, irritability, body aches, hypersensitivity, lack of libido etc. There may be any reason behind this behavior such as financial problems, stress related to work or some other personal reasons. Men who suffer from this problem show anxiousness, hypersensitivity or anger all the time. But most men suffer from this problem in middle age due to andropuase. Andropause is a condition in men in which they suffer from changes in hormonal levels similar to women during menopause. It causes a change in behavior of the person towards his family, relatives, friends and especially his life-partner. He becomes discourteous to his partner and starts making his married life tensed. But as a spouse, you can help your partner to deal with this problem by following some simple remedies.    


Give a positive outlet to emotions through exercise- Since negativity starts dominating life a person when he suffers from irritable male syndrome or IMS, therefore he should get a proper outlet to get out of the mind and body of the person. And exercise is the great way to give a positive outlet for the negative emotions. It is because exercise helps in getting rid of depression and also controls various hormones in human body. Physical well-being naturally paves the way for healthy mind and spirit.

Testosterone supplements- You must get the testosterone level of the concerned person checked from a doctor. It is because mostly low level of testosterone is responsible for IMS. You can give testosterone supplements to your partner after consulting with doctor.

Incorporating healthy food in the diet– The diet of a person has direct effect on the mood of a person. Also it helps in keeping weight under control. So you must take care that your partner is consuming foods which are low in calories but nutritious. It will keep your partners’ weight under control. This in turn normalizes his testosterone level also and ultimately helps him to deal with IMS.

Listen to your partner and communicate with him- Instead of judging your partner, you must listen to him in a sympathetic manner. Try to understand his problems and his viewpoint about life in general. Try to communicate with him as much as possible. Always take care that the conversation should be healthy, positive and motivational. It will help your partner to deal with IMS in a better and easy way. It is because emotional support plays an important role in dealing with such problems which are related to behavior of a person.

Give enough time and space to your partner- To deal with the problem of IMS, you must give enough time and space to your partner. It will help him to understand his problem in his own way and get out of it fast.

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