Suggest some effective and protective measures to treat knee injuries

knee injuriesSometimes we get our knees hurt during an accident or while performing some exercise or even routine works. It may happen unexpectedly. But the injured knee is perhaps the painful of all type of injuries. It is because it even interferes with the walking process. Sometimes, swelling also occurs during knee injury. Some preventive as well as precautionary measures must be taken to treat a knee injury.

Protection with bandage- To save your knee from getting further injury, you must protect your knee with the help of an elastic compression bandage. In case, you have suffered a severe knee injury, you can use crutches to keep the body weight off the injured joint. You can also use a brace or support to balance your body weight on the side of injured knee.

Resting- Rest is perhaps the best treatment for a knee injury. You must take proper and adequate rest in all types of injuries incurred on the knee. You should resume your daily activities only after getting completely recovered.

Ice Packs- To reduce the pain and swelling in the injured knee, you can use ice-bag or frozen peas or corn to be placed over the knee. It should be continued for 20 minutes and repeat it for 3-4 times a day.

Compression- As stated above, the injured knee must be wrapped with a bandage. It helps in compression of the knee which in turn reduces the build-up of fluid around the knee joint. The bandage must be wrapped in such a manner that it should be comfortable to the knee neither too loose not too tight.

Raising the legs- In the treatment of injured knee, it is quite necessary to raise your leg on the side where knee injury has occurred. You can use two pillows on the bed, couch or coffee table or anywhere you feel comfortable to sit and lift up your leg. It helps in healing process as well as diminishes the build-up of fluid around the knee.

Surgery- In case of dislocation or severe injury to the knee which involves bleeding from the broken bone, you must seek medical help at once. It is because such type of knee injury is mostly treated through surgery and other medications required for the healing process.

Some of the situations under which surgery becomes mandatory include meniscus tears, fractures, ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL tears. All these types of knee injuries are critical and severe in nature and hence require immediate medical attention and surgical intervention.

Strengthening- It involves rehabilitation process under which efforts are made to build up your strength and enhance the stability of the affected joint. It also helps in regaining most of the normal functions of the knee joint. It is done under the supervision of the physician strictly according to his instructions.

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