What are some herbal remedies to treat loose motion?

loose-motionLoose motion is a condition in body under which a person passes watery stools or loose stools frequently. It is commonly known as diarrhea. There are many reasons due to which a person suffers from loose motion. These include viral or bacterial infections, stress, contaminated water or food, indigestion, over eating etc. The condition of loose motion is characterized by pain in stomach, fever, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, loose stools and abdominal cramps. Due to loss of water from body, the patient may suffer from dehydration. Although numbers of medicines are available to get instant relief from loose motions, however some herbal remedies work wonders.

Mixture of Mint, honey and lime juice- It is perhaps the most effective herbal remedy to stop loose motions. Mint helps in calming the stomach and stimulation of salivary glands. This in turn helps in production of digestive enzymes which help in bringing the digestion process back to its normal state and stops loose motions. You need to take equal proportions of the three-mint juice, lime juice and honey to help with loose motions.

Ginger tea– Since ginger is a great analgesic and colon cleanser; therefore it helps in treating loose motions effectively. You can have ginger tea or ginger ale at regular intervals of time. It helps in releasing intestinal gases which is necessary for the digestion process.

Lemon– Lemon is known for its powerful antiviral, immune-boosting and antibacterial properties. Hence it is used as a good herbal remedy for treating loose motions. It can be taken with a tablespoon of sugar and salt added to a glass of water. This solution stops loose motions as well as makes available instant energy to the body. You can also take lemon juice mixed with ginger and pepper mint to stop loose motions.

Coriander– Coriander is rich in antioxidants and hence gives fast relief from loose motions. It can be taken by mixing ground coriander with sugar in a glass of water. Alternatively, you can also add coriander leaves to ginger and a glass of butter milk to stop loose motions.

Savory– It helps in treating loose motions caused due to bacterial infections. You can have savory in the form of herbal tea to treat loose motions and other relevant symptoms such as pain, gas and nausea.

Isbagol– It is another effective herbal remedy. Isbagol can be consumed by adding to cold water and sugar. It stops loose motions immediately. Isbagol can also be added to lime juice, 1 green chilli and half spoon of Camphor to treat loose motions. This mixture can be taken at night.

Cumin Seeds and buttermilk– A mixture of roasted cumin seeds and buttermilk is also helpful in treating loose motions quickly.

Chamomile– You can make herbal tea by using chamomile to sooth the upset stomach and the intestines. It helps in reduction of inflammation in stomach and the intestines and also relief from pain and spasms.

Peppermint– It can be consumed in the form of herbal tea, essential oil, lozenges, and capsules in order to treat loose motions. The menthol present in peppermint helps in relieving from symptoms such as pain and spasms and gives a cooling effect to the stomach lining to aid in easy digestion of food.

Vinegar– One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar added to a glass of water with each meal helps in controlling loose motions. It is a wonderful herbal remedy to bring stomach back to its normal condition.

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