What are some common Causes of Lump on Back of Neck

lump back neckA lump, swelling or protuberance is generally a raised built-up that can occur in any part of human beings.  These are usually restricted enlargements which may also be known as skin projections. Lump on the back of the neck is also a similar kind of skin projection. It is quite discomforting as it interferes with the normal movement of the head. Some other problems which are accompanied with lump on the back of neck include back pain. Back pain is caused due to stiffness in the neck region as a result of formation of lump. Commonly lumps hurt a lot and even cause minor killing pains when these are touched. But in some cases no pain whatever is felt even upon touching these lumps. Although having lumps at the back of neck is a discomforting condition but it does not interfere with routine activities of a person. In other words, a person can carry on with his daily activities normally. Let us now see what some common causes behind lumps at the back of neck are.

Swelling of lymph nodes- In our body, lymph nodes are found in the shape of a bean in various parts. These lymph nodes consist of lymphatic tissues. The lymph nodes start swelling out due to accumulation of bacteria in large volumes. And these swollen out lymph nodes are then found in the form of lumps at the back of neck.

Tendon or Muscle Injury- Sometimes, muscles at the back of neck get relocated from their original position due to an injury. An injury even causes muscle tendons to wear out or break down. As a result, a lump is formed at the back of neck. Some other causes which lead to a torn out muscle or tendon or injury in muscles are heavy exercise or strain due to some accident. These also lead to formation of a lump at the back of neck.

Lymphoma – It refers to cancer of the lymphatic system. Under this condition, the white blood cells in the lymph start reproducing wildly. This leads to formation of tumors. These tumors are viewed as bursting out of the skin. These skin bulges are called as lumps till these are properly diagnosed. And these may also appear at the back of neck.

Tonsillitis– It refers to inflammation of tonsils. Tonsils are ball-shaped mass of tissue which is located at the back of the throat, close to the back end of the tongue. The main function of these tonsils is to catch and wipe out harmful pathogens which try to enter into the body during inhalation. Sometimes, these glandular tissues also get infected and lead to inflammation. This inflammation of tonsils is commonly found in the form of a lump in the front portion of neck. However, sometimes severe infection leads to inflammation of lymph nodes at the back side of neck also. It is then found in the form of lumps at the back of neck. It causes unbearable pain too.

Whatever the cause behind lump at the back of neck, it must be properly diagnoses and treated. It is because it is also an indication of some other problem related to muscles.

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