Maintain heart health with yoga and Ramdev’s medicines

Heart, the vital part of our body is responsible for even flow of blood to all other organs. Proper functioning of our heart is a must otherwise it may create complications. Heart blockage, the most common disease has engulfed millions of persons in its fold. Both sexes and people of all ages are prone to different types of heart diseases that not only weaken them but also put the patients to crisis.

Causes – Irregular supply of blood to our heart and other parts of the body may lead to narrowing and hardened arteries of the heart. Deposition of plaque in them is responsible for different heart problems. Flow of blood in the arteries may be disturbed due to fat deposits in the inner walls of the heart. Same is true with decreased supply of blood that is also behind heart diseases. Pain in the heart region is caused due to low blood supply to the muscles of our heart that also becomes weak. Complete blockage of our heart is caused that often leads to heart attacks. Fatty diets are responsible for heart problems that may be caused due to excessive weight too. Genetic factors are also behind this disease that may occur due to inactivity or sedentary life. Excessive intake of alcohol and cigarette smoking may also lead to heart diseases.

Swami Ramdev has suggested the following products:

Divya Sangeyasada Pisti – It is one of the most effective treatments that work wonders in giving excellent relief. Formation of plaques is reduced with this pisti that improves supply of blood to the heart. This safe and natural treatment helps in even functioning of our heart that is protected from blockage and other problems.

Divya Akika Pisti – Our heart gets nourised in proper manners with even use of this Pisti that may be taken on regular basis. Risk of heart problems gets reduced in proper manners with its use. Those suffering from heart blockage or other problems must try Divya Akika Pisti, the excellent heart tonic.

Other major herbal formulations by Ram Dev include Divya Yogendera Ras, Divya moti/mukta pisti, Srnga Bhasma, Divya Hrdayamrta and Divya Arjuna Kwatha.

Natural remedies – Swami Ramdev has suggested the following home remedies for treating heart problems:

  • Take sufficient water on daily basis for proper detoxification and protecting the heart from wastes.
  • Stay away from fatty and junk foods. Balanced diets are good to save our heart from blockages or other diseases. Foods enriched with fibres are good.
  • Avoid taking eatabels containing excessive fats.
  • Stay away from cigarettes or excessive drinks.
  • Take fresh fruit juices and green leafy vegetables.

Yoga for heart health – Get involved in performing yoga and physical exercises. Staying active and doing yoga asana as per Ramdev’s guidelines goes a long way in sayng NO to heart blockage. Cardivascular diseases can be prevented by going for long walks, swimming and doing other physical exercises that not only prevent the ailments but also improve supply of blood to the heart.

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