Get rid of Malaria with Herbal Medication

malariaMalaria is a dangerous ailment that must be nipped in the beginning. Many types of treatments are suggested for treatment of this disease. Mentioned below are certain herbal remedies that are much useful to get cured at the earliest with minimum expenses.

Datura – Certian type of malaria can be cured easily by using the leaves of Datura. Just take 2 ½ fresh leaves of this plant, mix jaggery, rub them off and make a pill that will be much useful.

Grapefruit – One of the most effective herbal treatment, grapefruit helps greatly in getting cured from the dangerous effects of Malaria. Its use on daily basis relieves the malaria patients from the painful effects. The natural contents similar to quinine in this fruit can be obtained by boiling few grapefruits and straining of the pulp.

Chirayata – Also called Swertia and Rographis Paniculata, this herbal medical treatment relieves the people who suffer from irregular effects of malaria. The temperature goes down quickly by using this particular herbal medication. A mixture of fifteen gm of Chirayata in approx two hundred fifty ml of warm water with cinnamon and cloves is much useful for the patients who may take doses of fifteen to thirty ml each.

Fever Nut – Another popular herbal medicine for treatment of malaria is the fever nut. Approx six grams of these nuts may be taken with water by the malaria patients who may use the same before they expect outburst of fever. Repetition of the dose is advised if the fever continues further.

Lime and lemon – The quartan type of malaria fever can be treated by using lime and lemon that are quite effective. It is suggested that approx three grams of lime are dissolved in approx sixty ml of water. Taking this water by adding lemon’s juice is recommended before beginning of high fever.

Cinnamon – One teaspoon of this most valuable and effective herbal medication is recommended for treatment of Malaria. The powdered medicine along with a pinch of pepper powder and honey should be boiled in water and should be taken by the patients who are certain to be cured from the effects of Malaria at the earliest.

Holy basil – Malaria can be prevented easily by using holy basil that may be used on daily basis by taking infusion of few leaves. A mixture of three grams of black pepper powder with approx eleven grams holy basil herbal medicine is recommended for treatment of cold stage of malaria fever.

Alum – Half a teaspoon of powdered alum roasted over a hot plate is recommended to get rid of the expected attack of malaria. This advantageous herbal medicine may be repeated to get cured from further effects of the disease.

Proper diet and other steps, e.g. cold pack application, warm water enema and prevention of mosquito & other bites are also advantageous to be saved from the dangerous effects of Malaria.

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