Getting rid of migraine with some simple but effective home remedies

migraine-headacheWe come across many people who complain of migraine and its harmful effects. It is also true that most of the persons suffering from this painful ailment are the women that may be due to the menstrual cycle or other reasons related to the bodies of the females. However, the major reasons of migraine are stress, use of excessive alcohol, changes of weather, sleeplessness and junk food etc. Certain remedial steps help in controlling migraine to great extent.

Avoid dehydration It is a fact that dehydration can lead to migraine. Hence it is advised that sufficient quantity of water is consumed by all concerned to get rid of this ailment that may be caused due to dehydration as water keeps the body in order.

Take caffeineIt is a substance that is useful in checking headaches to great extent. The pain can be reduced with the use of this product that cuts down the effects of blood vessels. However, excessive use of this herbal product is also not recommended because it can result in worsening the headache situation greatly.

Fish oil This particular herbal ingredient is much helpful to control inflammation in a big way and also reduces the blood vessels. Hence it is recommended that sufficient quantity of fish oil is consumed to get rid of migraine.

GingerThis natural eatable is of effective use for the migraine patients who may take in the form of addition to their foods or even apply its paste on the forehead. Ginger is helpful in controlling inflammation too. It can be taken in the form of capsules that are easily available from the local stores.

Use of headbandUsing a headband around the head is much helpful in controlling migraine to great extent. The headband must be of soft cloth and the head must be tightened in an even manner.

Peppermint oil Migraine can be checked with the help of this useful oil that can be rubbed on the head that aches too much. It works well for the people who are victims of high level of migraine.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) – A dose of four hundred mg per day of this valuable medication is recommended for preventing migraine. The dosage may be adjusted if the patient urinates more frequently after taking the same or the medicine results in darker urine.

Magnesium – This medicine works well when taken in dosages of 400 to 600 mg on daily basis and helps in controlling migraines linked with auras or menstrual system. However, its excessive use may lead to diarrhoea.

Butterbur – This natural product is grown mostly in Germany and is available in the shape of pills. It is most effective for the patients of migraine and asthma.

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