Some easy and effective ways to treat Nail Fungus

CandidiasisNail fungus is an ailment of nails which may occur on nails of finger or toes. It is a sort of infection of nails. It is commonly found in elderly people but can also be found in younger ones as well. Nail fungus may appear in the form of a black spot on the nails. It may also cause pain and uneasiness to the sufferer. Nails become thick, discolored or holes and crinkles start appearing on the nails due to nail fungus. People usually suffer from nail fungus due to many reasons such as getting it from nail salon, weak immune system or due to walking barefoot constantly. Nail fungus has the tendency to spread from one person to the other through contact. It can be treated completely by taking some simple points into consideration.

Trimming– It is always advisable to trim the nails suffering from infection before applying medicine to them. It can be done with the help of a clipper. Following this, you must also file down the thick spots found on the infected nails. After filing and trimming the nail, you must always remember to discard or disinfect the clipper and the filer. It is done so as to prevent spreading of the infection to others.

Anti-fungal nail polish- When you first notice signs of nail fungus such as small dark spot, discoloration of the nail from white to yellow or change in shape of the nail, you must apply an anti-fungal nail polish to it. It helps in keeping infection under control.

Nail fungus cream- It is a great cure for treating nail fungus. You can use nail fungus creams which can be applied externally over the infected nails to treat prolonged infections with which pain is also associated.

Anti-fungal medicines– In case nail fungus creams or anti-fungal nail polish is not successful in treating nail fungus, you can get some anti-fungal medicines prescribed from your doctor. It is always advisable to get medicines prescribed from a dermatologist.

Wearing Open-toed shoes– When you suffer from nail fungus in your toenails, you must always wear open-toed shoes or footwear. It helps in keeping the toenails exposed to light and air. And it is quite essential to restrain growth of fungus on the nails.

Proper cleaning of the nails– You must always pay attention to the cleanliness of the nails especially when you are suffering from nail fungus. You can use an orange stick to clear away the debris from under the tip of the nails.

Tea Tree oil– Nail fungus can also be treated by applying tea tree oil over the infected nail. Apply the tea tree oil to the surface of the nail and around it regularly with the help of a clean gauze pad. To apply the oil under the tip of the nail, you must use a cotton scrub.

This way you can treat nail fungus efficiently and successfully.

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