How to deal with the problem of night sweats through natural cures

Night sweats refer to the problem of recurrent sweating which takes place during night time. It may happen in the middle of night. There are many reasons behind night sweats such as cancer, menopause, bacterial infections or reaction to some medicines. This problem is mostly found in women due to constant and rapid hormonal changes taking place in their bodies. Since it disturbs sleep at night therefore it should be treated properly to avoid any other problems caused due to sleeplessness. Some natural cures can help.

Yoga and Meditation- Since chief reason behind night sweats is the menopause from which all women have to suffer, therefore some measures must be taken to relieve the discomfort caused due to menopause. You can practice yoga and meditation to normalize your body functions. It also helps in making your mind, body and soul strong. All this is very important to deal with menopause and in turn the problem of night sweats. Some relaxation techniques may also help in this regard.

Black Cohosh- This herb is known to deal with the problem of night sweats in an effective manner. It is because it treats the problems of dysmenorrheal and menopause effectively. This in turn is quite beneficial in dealing with night sweats.

Licorice Root- Although it is mainly used as a flavoring agent, but it is quite useful in getting rid of problem of night sweats plus many other problems. It is done by reduction in the amount of estrogen and enhancing the level of progesterone which in turn helps in controlling night sweats to a considerable extent.

Avoiding Caffeine, spicy foods and smoking- Apart from hormonal changes and other reasons, consumption of certain types of foods or even smoking also leads to the problem of night sweats. So all these foods as well as smoking must be completely avoided to keep night sweats under control. You must stay away from caffeine, spicy foods, white sugar, alcohol, acidic foods including citrus and pickles, saturated and hydrogenated fat.

Keeping temperature of bedroom under control- It is another great way to cure the problem of night sweats effectively. You must avoid using heating equipments or gadgets in the bedroom. And if need be, you must set them in such a way that the temperature automatically drops down during evening or night hours. Programmable equipments work well in this regard.

Using a light and cotton based sheet on bed- Instead of using other fabrics, you must always prefer using light or cotton-based bed sheets on the bed. It will help you to reduce night sweats to great extent.
Vitamin E- You must stick to natural sources of Vitamin E to get rid of night sweats. It is best natural cure at the starting stage. You must continue with foods rich in Vitamin E for 2-3 weeks to cure the problem of night sweats completely. You can include vegetable oil and nuts in your diet plan as these are rich sources of Vitamin E and hence help you to deal with the problem of night sweats.

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