How to control Nightfall with the help of effective natural treatment

NightfallAlso known as night discharge, nocturnal emission or wet dreams; night fall is the condition wherein some men ejaculate during their sleep in the early mornings or late nights. The problem of nightfall gets enhanced due to hormonal fluctuations, consumption of testosterone drugs, full bladder etc. Men can hold certain amount of semen but its excessive contents get discharged through nightfall.

It may be noted that the men suffering from considerable nightfall need not worry as it is quite natural for the excessive semen to flow out. However if somebody faces excessive nightfall, he may suffer dizziness, mental weakness, insomnia, sexual incapacity, loss of memory, pains in the knees, loss of sight, stress, infertility, dysfunction and erectile etc. Few men suffer from discharge of urine too along with emission of semen.

Nightfall can be cured through the following natural treatments.

Meditation – It is a natural way to get the nightfall problem solved in an effective manner. Undoubtedly, this process enables the men to control their inner feelings and concentrate on their own selves. This saves them from getting indulged in other types of worldly issues that distract them from making their inner selves free from unwanted activities including sex that sometimes leads to nightfall.

Yoga and other exercises – Yoga and other relevant exercises enable the men to have full control over their mind and body. This is an effective step to avoid sex related activities that invite nightfall.

Control your energy – It is recommended that the men should have full control over their energy that can be put to best use through constructive activities. They can get themselves engaged in solving riddles, puzzles, jokes and other forms of issues that keep them busy rather than be involved in sex related issues that result in nightfall. Similarly, avoiding sexual discussions, viewing of blue or nude photos, going through porno literatures and indulgence in filthy issues is another effective step to check nightfall. Having obsession over sex is another solid reason of nightfall that must be controlled by the men.

Suitable diets – It is recommended that acidic foods are not taken by the men as the same lead to nightfall. They should the form of taking curd on daily basis that cools them down in term of semen formation and its overflow. Nightfall can be controlled by taking a cup of Sage before going to bed. It can be defeated by taking mixture of honey and fenugreek foliage juice.

Other natural treatments – Natural herbs including Asparagus, Mucuna Pruriens, Withania Somnifera, Piper Longum and Ferrum etc are also quite effective to get rid of nightfall problems that can be cured by taking Shilajit Rasayan Vati too that have become too popular.

Rubbing a mixture of sesame oil and bottle gourd extracts on the scalp also help in controlling nightfall that can be checked by bathing in lukewarm water by adding some drops of rose / lavender / chamomile or sandalwood oil.

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