Curing Nose Bleeding with the help of herbal medication or remedies

Nose bleeding, the serious ailment is often caused due to chronic sinusitis, shortage of vitamin K, allergies, colds, low humidity, excessive heat or picking the nose etc. Trimming of the nose hair may also result in nose bleeding that often occurs due to cracks in the blood vessels at the front of the septum.

Nose bleeding can even lead to hypertension, the dreadful situation for the human beings who may adopt the following measures and medicines to get rid of the same.

Proper clamminess – It is suggested that the level of humidity in your living rooms is kept normal and it should neither be too excessive or too low. The bedroom should be kept at a degree of 60-64 degree of temperature.

Moisturising the nostrils – The nostrils must always be kept in a moisturised manner and should not get dried up that invites nose bleeding. Deep breathing after shower is also advised for the nostrils to be kept dampened. Use of some soft solution in the nose also saves from nose bleeding.

Regular use of fruits – Almost all types of fruits contain bioflavonoids that consist of antioxidants that in turn help in controlling nose bleeding to great extent. The blood vessels get strengthened with the use of bioflavonoids that are mostly found in the fruit that help in preventing the blood vessels from cracks. A dosage of 500 mg of bioflavonoids twice a day is recommended for the people who are unable to take the fruits on daily basis.

Cut down blood down thinners – Use of blood thinners, i.e. ginseng, ginger, garlic, heparin, Commanding, Vitamin E or Aspirin must be kept to the lowest level. If at all these are to be used, doctor’s advice is a must as these medications may enhance nose bleeding.

Avoid foods with allergic reaction – Some people are prone to allergic reactions. Hence, they must avoid foods that help allergy which leads to nose bleeding.  Same is true with the fried and spicy foods that invite this serious ailment.

Avoid scratching the nose hard – Sometimes we have to scratch our nose inside due to irritation. Avoid doing so in a hard way as it can lead to bleeding and harmful effects. The dryness in the nose results in nose bleeding if we scratch or rub the inner portion very hardly.

Use of soothing oils etc – It is recommended that zinc oxide or few drops of castor oil are put in the nose on daily basis that help in preventing nose bleeding and its harmful effects.

Proper cleaning – The nose should be cleaned properly on daily basis with clean water and the dirt should be kept out. The hair must be removed by plucking the same in a safe manner.

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