How to treat Peptic Ulcers by using some natural cures easily available at home

We often come across people who complain of burning pains in the chest, stomach and other parts of their bodies. Few persons find it difficult to have food that may be much painful. These are the major symptoms of Peptic Ulcers that occur in the lower and upper portions of the stomach and duodenum respectively. It may be noted that males are more prone to ulcers than their female counterparts.

The acidic actions of the gastric acids often lead to Peptic Ulcers that can be cured effectively by adopting certain natural steps that are quite useful in getting rid of this harmful ailment.

Vitamins – Deficiency of Vitamin K sometimes results in Peptic Ulcers. This useful vitamin helps to fight bleeding and get healed at the earliest. Our own bodies are capable of producing Vitamin K that is available in green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, cheese, tomatoes and other eatables. It is recommended that dishes with sufficient quality of these things are consumed by all.

Mucus membrane can be cured in an effectual manner by taking Vitamin A and its recommended dose is 5000 IU that may be taken continuously for six weeks, four times on all days.

Stomach linings can be cured by taking Vitamin E on regular basis.

Fatty diet – The patients suffering from Peptic Ulcers are advised to have the diets that contain enough fat and fibre. Vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli and alfalfa are highly recommended for successful treatment of this disease.

Brown rice water is highly useful for treating the digestive system while the bleeding ulcers can be treated by taking organic baby food that is quite rich in vitamins and other advantageous elements.

Rich juices – Juices of rich vegetables like cabbage etc enable the Peptic Ulcers sufferers in getting cured at the earliest. It may take less than ten days to get relieved of this dangerous disease if one consumes the cabbage juice four times a day. Some people prefer to have the cabbage in its dried form that is also much helpful for ulcers.

Stay away from – The people who are under the attack of Peptic Ulcers should avoid taking the hot spicy foods, sugar, citrus juice, alcohol and coffee etc as they enhance the level of gastric acids and irritate the stomach.

Though milk contains vitamins, yet it should be avoided by the persons suffering from Peptic Ulcers because it can arouse acids and irritate the ulcerated area too.

Proper eating habits – It is recommended that proper eating habits are formed to stay away from digestive acid. All eatables must be had in smaller portions and the food must be taken on frequent intervals so that the stomach linings are not attacked with the acids.

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