Patanjali Products / Swami Ramdev Crack Heel Cream 50gm


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Patanjali Cream for Cracked Heel, Foot and Fingers.

Crack Heal Composition :

Each 5 gm contains :- (w/w)

  • Mustard oil 12.5%
  • Borax 0.5%
  • Kayakalp taila 12.5%
  • Wheat Grass oil 1%
  • Aloe vera 10%
  • Desi Maum 12.5%
  • Bheemsaini Kapur 1%
  • Base Material q.s

A product of Baba Ramdev’s Ji.

Cracked Heels Home Remedies and Natural Cures

We often come across many people that suffer from cracked heels that not only cause physical problems but also give shabby looks. Our feet and especially of the females impress other people in a big way. As such they must be protected from being cracked or drying up. There are many types of treatments to cure the cracked heels but the natural home remedies have become the preferred choice of millions of sufferers across the globe. Following home remedies and natural cures are highly recommended for protection of the heels from cracks.

  1. Sesame Oil – Regular messaging of this unique oil on the cracked parts of the heels each night brings fruit results. Let the oil get mixed deeply in the skin.
  2. Wash the feet, get them dried up completely and apply the vegetable oil on the cracked heels. Thick socks may be worn during the night and the feet may be washed off in the morning. The process may be followed for about one week.
  3. Rose water foot mark, glycerine, salt and lemon etc – Mix considerable quantity of these components in the warm water and keep your feet in the same for about twenty minutes. Scrub your feet, especially the cracked heels and the feet-sides with a scrubber. Apply a mixture of the above ingredients on the feet; wear thick socks and go to sleep. Wash your feet in the morning.
  4. Lemon juice & Vaseline – Clean your feet, soak the feet in warm water and apply the mixture of these two elements after getting the feet dried up completely. Go to bed with woollen socks and clean the feet in the morning.
  5. Cracked heels can be cured by applying the ripe banana pulp and clearing the same after about ten minutes. Same is true with the blend of coconut flesh, avocado and ripe banana that may be mixed up well and applied suitably for better results.
  6. Soaking the cracked feet / heels in warm water mixed with honey also helps in getting rid of the problems.
  7. Mix some paraffin wax with mustard or coconut oil; make the mixture hot till the wax gets melted completely. Let the blend cool down and apply the same on the cracked heels in the evening. Go to bed with socks and wash the feet in the morning.
  8. Pure olive oil is the best treatment for the cracked heels by messaging the same and keep the feet covered with thick socks; followed by washing them after about one hour. Same goes true with the paste of powdered oatmeal and jojoba oil that is the best treatment for cracked heels.
  9. A mixture of honey, apple cider vinegar and olive or almond oil mixed with some ground rice may be applied on the dry / cracked heels after soaking the same in the warm water for about ten minutes. Do remember to get the feet dried up completely before the mixture is applied on the cracks.

The above mentioned processes if followed carefully bring fruitful results to keep the feet intact and save them from being cracked.

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