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Health pack for Dental Problems – ( Keep the Oral Cavity Clean and Disease free)

  • Copper Coated Steel Tongue Cleaner/scraper
  • Divya Dant Manjan
  • Divya Dant Kanti Herbal Toothpaste
  • Divya Khadiradi Vati


Dental Care

Oral problems, dental problems or mouth problems- all these are commonly used terms for the problems experienced by people in relation to their teeth, gums, tongue or other oral parts. Most of the problems are related to the teeth. Common dental problems are toothache, swelling in the teeth and roots of the teeth and gums, bleeding from teeth and gums, cavities, staining of teeth, foul smell coming from the mouth, dental plaque, mouth sores, oral cancer, tooth decay etc. All these problems are quite painful and discomforting for the sufferer. That is why immediate medical attention or care is sought in most of these problems. These problems may be caused due to multiple reasons out of which there may be internal as well as external causes.

Sensitivity of teeth is another common dental problem that is faced by large numbers of people. It is a condition under which teeth of the concerned person are over-sensitive towards hot or cold foods or beverages. There is severe pain in the teeth when these come in touch with hot or cold foods or beverages. It makes eating or drinking quite difficult. Whatever the reason may be and irrespective of the type of dental problems, these make a person totally restless and have an adverse effect on the overall body health.    

Causes of Dental Problems

There are multiple causes that may be responsible for causing dental problems. These may include improper hygiene or care of teeth, intake of wrong foods, lack of certain nutrients in diet especially the minerals that are required for good health of the teeth, genetic factors, smoking, alcohol, and intake of excessively sugary foods, digestive problems, and infections caused due to microbes and many more. All these causes are responsible for causing different types of dental problems.

How are dental problems diagnosed?

The most apt and common method to detect dental problems in any person is to take into consideration various signs and symptoms associated with these. Commonly found signs and symptoms of dental problems are-

  • Foul smell coming from the mouth
  • Pain in teeth
  • Canker sores
  • Swelling in the gums
  • Bleeding from gums or teeth
  • Appearance of Dental plaque
  • Sensitivity of teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Staining or discoloration of teeth
  • Recurring digestive problems in some cases

There may be some variance in the signs and symptoms in different people as per individual dental problems. Therefore it is always preferable to consult a dentist to verify and confirm the exact problem.

Baba Ramdev health pack for dental problems

Conventional medicine world offers numerous treatment options for all types of dental problems. There are so many medicines or other products that help in promoting good health of the oral parts in an apt manner. However, safety and longevity of such dental care formulas or medicine is always doubtful. It is owing to the reason that conventional medicines undoubtedly offer instant or fast relief from the problem of dental care however the relief may not last long.

Contrary to this, herbal medicines or products are always reliable in this case. It is owing to organic and safe nature of these products or medicines. Ramdev health pack for dental care has also been designed and developed to cater to dental care needs of millions of people all across the globe. The products or ayurvedic formulas used under this health pack are such that these can even be used in routine so as to have permanent relief from dental problems.

Different types of products are used under this health pack. The chief among them include

Divya Dant Manjan, Copper Coated Steel Tongue Cleaner/scraper, Divya Dant Kanti Toothpaste and Divya Khadiradi Vati. All these herbal formulas are apt in promoting overall health of the dental parts. And it is done in a completely safe manner without experiencing any health issues or other problems. Some of the common and chief benefits offered by this health pack are as given below.

  • These help in offering complete nourishment to the teeth and all other oral parts. All the essential nutrients required for proper functioning and normal health of dental parts are supplied by this health pack.
  • This health pack offers great relief from toothache. It is due to presence of such herbs in it that are rich in analgesic properties.
  • Anti-microbial properties present in this health pack help in getting rid of foul smell coming from the mouth. It is especially beneficial for those who are in the habit of tobacco chewing or smoking. You can have feeling of freshness all through the day by using this health pack.
  • Tooth decay which is also a common problem among large numbers of people is also cured well with the help of this health pack.
  • Any discoloration or staining on the teeth is also removed using this health pack. It helps in offering natural shining and whiteness to the teeth.
  • Problem of cavities is also dealt with effectively as various herbal ingredients present in this health pack help in tightening of the gums or roots of teeth.
  • Any type of swelling in the teeth or gums is also tackled efficiently with the help of this wonderful herbal package.

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