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Have you ever wondered how information amid various cells, tissues and other structures within the brain and between physical and mental aspect of brain is exchanged? Perhaps no one can guess the same as brain structure is quite complex and difficult to understand. It is all possible due to small cells called as neurons present in the brain. These neurons help in transmission of signals amid various parts of the brain and between mind and body. These can be considered to be most important functional units of the brain that help in carrying out all the tasks relevant to the brain. When any discrepancy or malfunctioning arise in the functions of the brain then it starts creating problems in the working mechanism of all the physical and mental functions relevant to human body. It may be caused due to some head injury, brain injury, lack of certain nutrients in the body or some other reasons.

Malfunctioning of the brain cells called as neurons give rise to various issues or disorders relevant to the brain. Epilepsy plural form of which is Epilepsies is also one of these brain disorders by which large numbers of people are affected worldwide. This problem mainly arises due to disturbance caused in the production of signals or electrical impulses in the brain cells which are called as neurons. Consequently, epileptic attacks occur frequently in the concerned person. Since proper signals are not produced in brain cells therefore it gives rise to the condition called as epilepsy. Epilepsy may be found in men as well as women and in people of all age groups.

Epilepsy may be categorized into two types local and generalized in accordance with the location of the epilepsy symptoms. Occurrence or appearance of symptoms of epilepsy in specific body part is called as localized epilepsy whereas appearance of symptoms of epilepsy in the entire body refers to generalized epilepsy. Symptoms of epilepsy also vary according to the type of epilepsy.

In most of the cases, epilepsy patients are advised not to drive alone or go out alone due to fear of epileptic attacks at anytime and anywhere. It is quite important that this condition must be cured well-in-time as it may start interfering with all the tasks relevant to mind and mind if left untreated.

Reasons for epileptic attacks

There are multiple risk factors for epilepsy that may be categorized into two types.

Causes of Idiopathic epilepsy

In this type of epilepsy there are no known causes of epilepsy and may be caused due to family history of the disease.

Causes of Symptomatic epilepsy

Some of the common causes of this type of epilepsy include brain tumors, injury to the head, heart stroke and infections in the brain cells which is called as meningitis.

What are the various signs and symptoms of epilepsy?

Epilepsy may be characterized by various signs and symptoms that may appear in different people suffering from this brain disorder differently. Some of the commonly found symptoms of this health condition are-


  • Inconsistent movement of the hands and legs
  • Frequently occurring spasms
  • State of confusion due to total blackout in front of the eyes
  • Fainting of the patient due to loss of signals from the neurons
  • Shivering in the limbs that may be even without fevers
  • Loss of response from patients’ end from some time
  • Stiffness or inflexibility of the entire body
  • Inability to maintain body balance
  • Constant feeling of tiredness and exhaustion
  • Froth coming out from the mouth
  • Experience of weakness of the extremities

Health package for epilepsy

Epilepsy can be treated well with the help of health package presented by the Patanjali pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji. This health pack is an amalgamation of the best herbal ingredients found in the nature that are being used from times unknown to cure brain relevant ailments or diseases. This health pack is safe for the human body including all its aspects i.e. physical and mental in all respects. It doesn’t cause any harm to the body in any way. Different types of herbal formulas used under this health package are given below.

  • Divya medha kwatha
  • Divya mukta/moti pisti
  • Divya pravala pisti
  • Divya amrita sattva
  • Divya kapardakka bhasma
  • Divya Medha Vati

All the signs and symptoms of epilepsy are relieved with the help of this health package which in turn offers great relief to the sufferer. The herbs contained in this health pack help in improving memory and concentrative power of the mind. The supply of oxygen to the brain cells including neurons is improved which helps in normalizing and optimizing all its functions. It also helps in making a person alert so that he/she may become responsive. Power of speech and comprehensibility is also improved with the help of this health package.

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