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Epistaxis, nose bleeding are the terms used to refer to a condition of the body under which a person suffers from excessive bleeding from the nose.

This condition is largely found in small children who are more prone to suffer from this condition during summers. It is due to the reason that the blood vessels inside the nasal passage of children burst due to dryness which in turn gives rise to the condition called as Epistaxis.

Not only children but adults may also suffer from this health condition. At the same time, it is found in people of both the genders and of all ages. The chief cause of this problem is infections in the mucous membrane of the nose which results in its dryness. Consequently, the blood vessels supplying blood to the mucous membrane burst and result in nose bleeding. Sometimes, excessively high blood pressure may also be the causative reason for this condition.

Nose bleeding is a condition that is considered to be common in medical science. It is because nose bleeding stops after sometime of its own without the need of any medicines or other treatment options. In case, there is excessive bleeding that doesn’t stops then first aid measures are required in this case.

In some people, this condition may be found more often and they need to keep first aid measures or other preventative measures with them all the times. Some people even suffer from anemia due to excessive loss of blood via nose bleeding. Consultation with medical or healthcare physician is required in this case. Most important point in this regard is not to panic or get scared upon seeing blood coming out from the nose. Have patience and take preventative measures.

Causes of Epistaxis or nose bleeding

Although infection in the mucous membrane of the nose is the chief factor responsible for nose bleeding however some other factors may also become the causative factors for this condition. Common reasons include nose injury, nose infections including cold and flu, nose pricking, nasal infections that result in dryness of mucous membrane, excessively high blood pressure, allergies in the nose, tumors in the nasal passage and excessive body heat.

Various signs and symptoms of nose bleeding or Epistaxis

It is but obvious that bleeding from the nose is the chief sign or symptom of Epistaxis. Apart from this, feeling of inflammation in the nasal passage and irritation or itching in the nasal passage are also the chief indicators of Epistaxis. Itching or inflammation is experienced just before nose bleeding starts owing to the reason that there is unrestricted blood flow towards the nasal passage that results in bleeding due to rupturing of the blood vessels.

Health package for Epistaxis

From the view point of medical science, Epistaxis may not be a serious health issue. But unrestricted or endless flow of blood may prove to be quite harmful in some cases. At the same time, people suffering from this condition more often may suffer from anemia and general body weakness. Loss of blood from the body may even make a person unconscious and irresponsive. Therefore it is best to take some preventative measures so that such a situation may be prevented. At the same time, the remedial measures should be safe and effective as far as treatment and prevention of Epistaxis is concerned.

Baba Ramdev health package for Epistaxis has been prepared keeping in mind the same fact. It is totally safe for the users. The herbal or organic ingredients present in this health package help in making up for deficiency of blood and hemoglobin in the body. At the same time, formation of new blood cells is also triggered. Body immunity is also improved so that nasal passages may be protected against attack of infectious microbes. This in turn helps in prevention of dryness of the nasal passages.

The mucous membrane of the nose is nourished well so that it may keep on performing its functions well. It is also moisturized so that dryness may not occur. Condition of excessively high blood pressure is also prevented so that blood vessels in the nasal passage may not get ruptured. This health package also ensures that the condition of Epistaxis may not recur frequently and hence overall health of the patient is ensured in a natural way. This health package doesn’t lead to any harmful effects on the body as it is totally safe and organic in nature.

Some useful tips for those suffering from Epistaxis

  • Drink lots of water to remain hydrated and keep mucous membrane well-moisturized.
  • Drinks such as tea, coffee and other hot drinks that lead to dehydration in the body must be avoided.
  • In order to keep your body cool, carry out yoga and other exercises on regular basis.
  • Stay away from smoking and alcohol.
  • Consume cold foods that help in releasing excess of body heat.
  • Say no to hot and spicy foods.
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