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Erectile dysfunction in men
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Erectile Dysfunctions

Erectile dysfunction is among one of those sexual problems or disorders that are faced by large numbers of males worldwide. As per medical terms, this condition is commonly found in men of middle age or old age and is not considered to be a sex problem or disease at this stage of life. But when this problem is found in younger generation then it is definitely a matter of concern. It is because due to erectile dysfunction, men are not able to get full pleasure in terms of sexual satisfaction. At the same time, they are not able to let their partners enjoy this activity fully well.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition under which the concerned males are not able to sustain or hold their erections for long time or properly. As a result, both the partners are not able to enjoy this physical activity fully well. This in turn gives rise to the condition of infertility in many cases. The female partners of such males are not able to bear to children owing to the reason that semen doesn’t reach the uterus of females and the fertilization of eggs doesn’t take place. Therefore it becomes all the more important to cure this health condition so that both the partners may enjoy this activity fully well.

Apart from problems in reproduction and dissatisfaction in physical activity, men may also start suffering from stress, tension and depression as a consequent of which they may even feel embarrassed in front of their partners. Even their social life is disturbed to great extent due to low self-esteem or feeling of guilt. It is an evident fact that sex is also a basic necessity of life in the absence of which people start suffering from various health issues. It is because sex is also a mode of expression of emotional aspect of human personality. It is to be noted that erectile dysfunction is also called as ED in short.

Possible Causes of Erectile dysfunction

Multiple reasons that may be responsible for occurrence of erectile dysfunction are-

  • Advancement in the age that results in reduced hormone production related to the sex
  • Excessive smoking
  • Excessive intake of alcohol
  • Weakness of the muscles of penis
  • Imbalance in the sexual or reproductive hormones
  • Use of habit forming drugs in excess
  • Diseases such as diabetes
  • Administration of specific medicines especially those used for sleep disorders
  • Stress, tension, depression and anxiousness
  • Diseases related to the arteries or veins that leads to reduced supply of blood and oxygen to the penis

How is erectile dysfunction characterized?

As stated above ED is not considered to be a disease or disorder in medical science and hence it doesn’t show any evident or clear signs and symptoms. It is mainly characterized by inability or incapacity of males to hold or sustain erections for long time or in a proper manner. Feeling of dissatisfaction in terms of sexual pleasure on the part of one or both the partners is also an indicative of this sexual problem.

Health Package for Erectile dysfunction

Since sex is also an important part of life therefore both the partners should be allowed to enjoy this activity fully well. And it is possible only if both are fit and fine as far as their sexual system is concerned. Baba Ramdev Health Package for ED has been formulated so that males may get rid of erectile dysfunction in a safe and effective manner. It has been prepared by using the most excellent herbal ingredients provided by the Mother Nature. There are multiple herbal formulas such as Divya Yauvanamrta Vati, Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati that can be used to get rid of this sexual problem.

All these are apt in enhancing the strength of the muscles of penis and the entire sexual system so that males may be able to hold full erections and that too for long time or till the climax has been reached. Penis is nurtured well with the help of nutrients provided by this health pack which in turn ensures normal and most optimal functions of the same. At the same time, it is ensured that no harm is caused to the sexual or reproductive system of males in any way. It is all due to safety of the use associated with this wonderful health package.

Anyone suffering from ED or other sexual issues may use this health pack and enjoy good sexual health and have complete pleasure in terms of sexual activity. Health package for ED also ensures that blood supply is improved to the penis muscles which in turn enhance oxygen supply as well. Consequently, harder erections are achieved by males during sexual activity. It also helps in arousing males and deals with the problem of lack of sexual desire.

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