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We perform numerous physical, mental and other tasks in day to day life. All these require some amount of energy. This energy is supplied by the body from combustion of foods we eat. When all the energy reserve is finished then we start feeling tired or exhausted. To get rejuvenated and refreshed we again need to eat something. Also proper sleep and rest is a must for this. It is a normal process in the body. Feeling tired or exhausted after hard work or working for prolonged hours is but okay. However, the condition becomes a matter of concern when a person keeps on complaining about tiredness, exhaustion and lack of energy in the body. This condition is termed as fatigue in medical science.
Fatigue is commonly found in large numbers of people. Though most people misunderstand fatigue to be general exhaustion or tiredness however it is not so. Fatigue may appear as a symptom of some other hidden health issues in the body. Also feeling fatigued for long time periods and on constant basis results in poor performance in all fields and walks of life. Those who feel fatigued all the times are unable to give their best performance even if they wish to. They may also start complaining of other problems too. If left untreated for a long time then it may even make you bed ridden.

Why is fatigue caused in the body?

Lack of energy in the body is evidently the major cause of fatigue in large section of the population. Some other triggering factors as mentioned hereunder are also worth considering in this respect.

  • People who suffer from malnutrition are most probably prone to get affected with fatigue. It is because lack of essential nutrients in the diet directly means lack of energy and hence fatigue.
  • Those who consume alcohol excessively and regularly also fall prey to this condition. It is due to negative effects produced by alcohol on the entire body.
  • People who do not take proper rest and sleep also feel fatigued.
  • Excessively high or low blood sugar is also a reason for this problem.
  • People who suffer from mental stress, tension, depression and anxiousness are also at high risk of suffering from this problem.
  • Those who complain of digestive disorders including peptic ulcers or GERD are also susceptible to get affected with fatigue.
  • Disorders related to the thyroid gland may also cause fatigue in a person. It is due to hormonal imbalance in the body as a result of over or under activity of the thyroid gland.
  • Those who remain physically inactive may also complain of fatigue. It is due to lack of strength and endurance.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders as well as Gastro esophageal reflux are among the chief offenders of this physical problem.
  • Those who remain engaged in extreme physical activity for prolonged time are also at risk of suffering from fatigue.
  • Low level of haemoglobin is also responsible for occurrence of fatigue.
  • Use of certain medicines for specific health issues like heart attack or high blood pressure may lead to fatigue or lethargic feelings in the body.

Fatigue management

You can find numbers of natural and herbal remedies around you to get rid of fatigue. You can get rid of fatigue along with its signs and symptoms by using these safe remedies. Baba Ramdev health pack for fatigue has also been formulated keeping in mind the same fact. It is an herbal and perfect cure for this problem. Apart from eradication of fatigue from the body, it also prevents its recurrence in future. It can be used by anyone safely without the fear of any side-effects or ill-effects.

What is contained in Ramdev health pack for fatigue?

Ramdev health pack for fatigue is enriched with the goodness of some of the best herbal formulas. These medicines or formulas have been prepared using selected herbs or other natural components found in the Mother Nature. The major ayurvedic formulations used under this health pack include-

  • Panchkol churun

  • Arogyavardani vati

  • Punarnavadi mandur

  • Capsules Ashvashila

  • Chitrakadi vati

  • Mukta shukti Pishti

  • Divya Churun

Benefits offered by

Baba Ramdev health pack for fatigue

  • It is helpful in getting rid of fatigue instantly.
  • It starts acting on the body immediately so as to get rid of fatigue, exhaustion and tiredness.
  • The entire body is well-nurtured and rejuvenated.
  • It improves blood flow as well as oxygen flow all through the body.
  • It is also a very good source of iron for the body. As a result physical weakness caused due to anaemia is managed in an automatic way.
  • The entire body is strengthened. Also it aids in improving endurance of the users.
  • It aids in retaining youthful vigour for long time.
  • It also slows down the process of ageing.
  • It speeds up regeneration of new cells in the body so as to replace old and worn out cells.
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