Have you ever wondered how human generation is existing and continuing on this earth from centuries? It is but obvious that it is possible only through an important phenomenon called as sexual activity or what is commonly called as physical activity in the language of layman. Apart from food, clothes and house, sex is also an important necessity of life that needs to be fulfilled in both the sexes without experiencing any problems. With change in diet and lifestyle of human beings, the pleasure obtained from involvement in sexual activity is also affected to great extent. Like other physical or mental health issues, now human beings have started suffering from numerous sexual issues as well. This in turn gives rise to various health issues relevant to physical and mental aspect of the body.

Frigidity is a term used to refer to the condition of lack of sexual desire in any person for a long time. It may have multiple reasons behind its occurrence. Due to frigidity, one or both of the sex partners get dissatisfied in terms of sexual satisfaction. This condition which is related to the sexual life of human beings is found in both the sexes equally well. It means both men and women are at the risk of suffering from this problem due to multiple reasons. According to numerous studies and researches in the medical science, women are at high risk of suffering from this problem.

Due to frigidity, problems start arising in the reproduction process as well.  It may even start interfering in the normal life of both the partners. The concerned person may also suffer from mental stress, tension and depression.

What are the chief causes for occurrence of frigidity?

Numbers of factors may be held responsible for occurrence of frigidity. These are given below.

Pregnancy, menopause, lactation, menstrual cycles, use of birth control pills and post natal periods in women, injury to the pelvic area, various mental states including stress, tension, depression and anxiousness, feeling of fear, sexual abuse in the past life,  irregularity of sexual activity amid the two sex partners and guilt feeling about sexual activity due to some bad experience.

Signs and symptoms of Frigidity

Since frigidity is not a disease or disorder therefore it doesn’t have any clear or visible signs and symptoms. It is just a condition of the body that may get cured of its own with the passage of time. It is just confirmed from the lack of sexual desire in any of the partners involved in the sexual activity. The person suffering from Frigidity doesn’t wish to take part in sex and keeps on refusing the same. Even during sexual activity, the concerned person may not respond fully full and hence results in dissatisfaction on the part of the two partners.

Health package for Frigidity

Keeping in the view the importance of sexual activity in human life and its proper execution, Baba Ramdev Ji has offered a safe and effective cure for this problem. It is available in the form of Swami Ramdev health package for Frigidity. It helps in arousing the person suffering from frigidity in an apt manner and that too  in a totally natural way. It doesn’t cause any harm to the user as it is totally safe and free from any side-effects or harmful effects on the body. All the nutrients required for proper working and good health of the sexual and reproductive system are supplied by this health package. This health package helps in treatment of frigidity which may be caused due to any reasons.

Suggestible home remedies for Frigidity

Since problem of frigidity is not so serious therefore it can be cured even with the help of some effective home remedies. Some of the commonly used home remedies for frigidity that have been found to be effective in the treatment of this sex relevant problem are given below.

  • Drink hot milk before going to bed so as to get aroused appropriately to take active part in the sexual activity.
  • Powdered form of banyan tree when consumed with milk proves to be another effective home remedy for treatment of frigidity.
  • Boil grated ginger in milk for some time and then consume the same solution by adding sugar to it. This home remedy may be tried daily so as to get permanent relief from this problem.
  • You can prepare a drink by combining powdered form of winter cherry in milk. Females are advised to take this solution for 4-5 days continuously following menstrual cycles each month. It is one of the best home remedies for frigidity for the fairer sex.
  • Tea, coffee and such other caffeinated drinks should be avoided as these have a negative effect on the sexual desire.
  • To enhance sexual strength and overall body strength, you may consider massaging your entire body with the help of warm sesame oil.
  • Smoking should be avoided to have proper arousal during sexual activity.
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